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Porn has been a part of our lives. Obviously, we write porn reviews for a living, but aside from that, it is also the one that gives us rest and recreation. It relieves our stress and let us have a good time. It is a fun thing to watch with other guys, but even better to watch alone. Ah, such is the porn industry. However, it is also fun to go beyond every once in a while, especially if you are a single guy. It would be nice, don’t you think, to have a porn site which will give you more – and we are not talking about live cams or chat. We are talking about meeting girls personally – those who are not really pornstars but hotties nonetheless, looking for a good time? Yes, any guy would love that, right? This is the reason why we totally think you’ll enjoy the concept of the next porn site that we are going to review today. The name of the porn site is Girlfriends Who Cheat. According to the site, it features “cheating girlfriends looking for sex on the side”. So here’s the deal with it: upon signing up you will get the chance to watch different uncensored video profiles of the ladies that they have. And then after watching, you can actually meet the girl, like, in real life! Girlfriends Who Cheat is a porn site that is part of the Reality Sex porn network. The porn network in total contains more than fifteen sites that answer to different kinds of niches. Let us mention a few: first, there’s Anal Holics (for those who enjoy watching anal porn), Sucking Frenzy (perfect if you like blowjob videos), and finally Boobilicious Girls (if you want to see really big boobs), just to name a few. If you want to learn more about the porn network and the site that it offers then we suggest that you visit the porn site Girlfriends Who Cheat, access their sign-up page, and take a look at it on your own. Speaking of signing up, let us talk about the membership options next. And this, my friends, is going to surprise you. The sign-up is absolutely free. Yes, you can sign-up for membership and gain access to the porn site for one whole month and not pay for anything! All you need to do is to create an account. Not only that, you will also get a three-day access to the entire Reality Sex porn network, also for free. There is another membership option which we think you should definitely consider as well. This provides you a one-year access to the site, again for free, if you sign up for a one-month paid membership plan to all the porn sites within the Reality Sex porn network. Isn’t that awesome? Let us remind you though that we are not in any way affiliated with the porn site and the network, so we are not really sure for how long this promo will last. It is just as so, at the moment that we are writing this porn review.


The website design of the porn site is really simple and it gets the job done. It has a red and black theme, with a very minimalistic design. Upon landing on the homepage, you will get to see a free profile preview. You get three for free, but after signing up, you will have access to their entire collection. And then, they will already show you the pictures of the hotties in their porn network through thumbnails. These thumbnails contain some information about them aside from their pictures like their name, and the reason why they want to hook up. You will also notice that all of these thumbnails were selected according to your location. In this way, you will only see the girls available to meet up with you in your area. We really appreciate this way of filtering their ladies because it serves the purpose of this site. They offer a lot of girls around the world, and if they don’t present them this way, it would take forever for you to find the girls in your area, don’t you think?

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This leads us to the next subject in this review – the girls. We really like the fact that they have a very vast selection of girls hailing from different states and countries. In this way, even their international members can get to enjoy the fun. It is also because of this that all the girls are pretty varied as well. You will surely find any type of beauty here. The charm of this porn site also lies in the fact that all of the girls here submitted their videos on their own accord. They are not professional pornstars, they are regular people, like us who just want to have fun. But don’t be mistaken, Girlfriends Who Cheat has a very special selection process in choosing the girls who are allowed to join the website. This ensures the quality of beauties that they have on the site. This also protects us from fake profiles and meeting someone who looks ugly and completely different in person. You can say that it is really for our security purposes, and of course, to uphold their reputation. Aside from that, we also appreciate that we know the reasons why the girls want to hook up. It is written on the site. In this way, we also get an idea of how to approach her.

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We would like to congratulate the porn site for perfectly combining the wonder of porn and social media. Sure there are bigger and better social media sites out there, not to mention the numerous dating sites that you could sign-up for. But none of them really filters their ladies, plus, they hide the fact that one of their objectives is for people to hook up with each other. We don’t like that. We want the honesty of Girlfriends Who Cheat. It is a site that you can sign-up for and the people whom you are going to meet just want to have sex. That’s it. No more pretentions.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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