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One of the outstanding gay porn sites, Game for Gay has an amazing list of sexy gay porn in its collection. Straight or gay, it’s easy to fall in love with this gay xxx site because of its HD gay porn with a little twist. The challenges are one of the main reasons why a lot of people are looking forward to their gay hardcore videos.


Game for Gay never fails to amaze me with their website. The site is very artistic. I think it’s about time that the porn sites start to adapt to the newest craze in the technology today instead of sticking up to the old fashioned website design. Game for Gay, for example, has a very catchy banner and website theme. It is perfect for the kind of adventure that awaits in its contents.

Just by merely looking at the site, you will already feel excited to move on and dig deeper. One thing that I also like about the site is that it is not just all about sugar coatings. This means that underneath those cute graphics and HTML codes, there is substance. The site works as promised. It has working functionalities and features that will surely not disappoint the members. The main menu, for example, is very convenient to use. It is also strategically placed in a location where anyone can easily see it. The font used is also a big factor. The items in the main menu are also very relevant.

Of course, there’s the homepage link, which helps anyone to return to the homepage. Then for those who want to see what to expect from the site in the upcoming days, there’s the next exclusive updates link. For those who marked a lot of videos as favorites, they can also easily locate these videos in one page through the Favorites link. Anyone can also be assured of a convenient experience all throughout the site because there’s a very accessible customer support link in the main menu too. L

astly, for those who want to explore more gay videos, Game for Gay also listed two of its partner sites in the Friendly sites link. These friendly sites are Gay Snare and my BF Gay. These sites are all about gay sex variations, from girlfriends surprising their boyfriends with a hot gay sex, to girlfriends walking in on their boyfriend having sex with a gay man. Aside from the main menu, the site also takes pride in its very organized contents section. We all know that the homepage is where we can find the collection of the site.

The contents in the homepage can be filtered according to the most popular, the recently uploaded videos and the most watched videos. Photo sets are only linked to their respective videos, which also makes the contents area neat. You can also see a large picture which I believe is taken from the scene. On top of that are the video title and the ratings. Below it are some scene infos like the entire duration of the scene, the dimension of the video and the date it was uploaded. There’s also a link to the photo sets. You can also read a short description of the scene if you want to know an overview of the scene. Then, there are links to download the video, post a comment, read a comment and mark the video as favorite.

Another interesting thing is that you can also see a list of videos of the main actor from Gay Snare and my BF Gay. If you can still remember, these sites are the partner sites of Game for Gay. If you click on each video, you will be redirected to a page with a flash player to watch the full video. The flash player is medium sized and allows jumping immediately from one timeframe of the video to another. It also offers smooth playback and a buffer time of five to ten seconds. All videos are high quality. The highest resolution is 1920×1080. WMV and MP4 formats are available for downloads. Each video is around 30 to 40 minutes long, and they are also guaranteed as exclusive videos. The photos are also high quality too! The largest size of the photos is 1200×800. The photos are semi-professional to professional with excellent lighting condition and minimal airbrushing.

Actors & Vids

The guys in Game for Gay are all very brave and gutsy. I can’t even imagine myself approaching a stranger in the streets and asking them to fuck with me. These amateur guys are all very exceptional and I enjoyed watching them conquer all the challenges with everything that they can. Their challenges are all about seducing a straight man and convincing them to do things listed on a piece of paper that was handed to them at the beginning of the video.

In some scenes you can even see these straight guys blow these gay man’s cock. There are also some scenes where they agree to have their assholes drilled. These scenes are quite unusual for straight men to do so it’s a thrill watching them do it willingly. In one of the scenes, the challenge was to find a construction worker down the street and convince him to fuck his ass. Not long after our main actor found his prospect, he was able to drag the construction worker to a private spot and left him there to jack off.

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If you’re bored with all these usual porn videos and you’re up for some challenging twists, Game for Gay has 17 videos to enjoy. You will surely find it very fun to watch most especially if you’re into reality porn. The scenes are not scripted. The quality of the videos is also excellent. Moreover, the photo sets are also worthy to jack off. There are some action-filled images if you want to take a break from watching videos. You surely won’t regret spending a few bucks from this site because you can also find some good stuff in its partner sites.

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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