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If you love some serious gagging, GagTheBitch is a perfect stopover.

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GagTheBitch is a one-agenda site dedicated to making good use of sweet lips on pretty faces. This has nothing to do with slimy blow jobs or gorgeous sluts begging for more cum. In this case, they are tied to their backs, and their heads fastened by muscled hands for real gagging. The gagging is rough, hardcore, and filled with saliva splattering on faces and rounded melons. Good enough, these bitches are good at containing any throw-ups so you don’t get the nasty side of this raunchiness.


Navigability on the part of GagTheBitch may not impress you that much, even if gagging may be high on your list of favourite porn acts. The site is clearly cluttered. Content is spilled over and tends to compete with textual information. Even though the snippets are flanked by description boxes that detail them, the presentation is not quite charming.

However, fret not because you can add your loved videos to favourites, you can search the site, sort the content easily, and access the latest videos and accompanying galleries. You can do fellow members a favour and rate the content. If you are not the English speaking gagging fan, then you may be lucky, since the site allows a language selection at the click of a button. For the sake of convenience, the layout gets a plus by jumping right into business and even allowing content download right from the homepage.

Actresses & Vids

We love sweet looking sluts hell-bent to bringing you raunchy porn. However, you may scratch your head as you catch a glimpse of these juicy ladies desiring cock in the mouth rather than in pussy. In here, the pretty pink lips are in charge of monster dicks. The grand good news is that the shows running on camera are exclusive to this site and would therefore not be found on any other site, not even bonus sites. You are in for a different kind of treat that may leave you addicted to gagging porn.

The site is only meant for hardcore scenes that reveal the daring experiences of succulent bitches getting gagged by dicks that strive to reach down their throats. Of course, these encounters end up in cum filled mouths and glazed faces, as saliva streaks rushing down rubbery bodies. These are bitches with scanty profiles, only known by first names such as Lucy and Michelle. These beauties look soft but are indeed tough and hold onto their composure without throwing up.

The site has a minimal library that may not be impressive if you are the heavy porn fan. Just about 75 videos – downloadable inMP4 format – is nothing to raise your hairs. Streaming is available as well. However, with an average runtime of 60 minutes for all the scenes, you may reconsider your disappointment. There are photos as well in case offline porn viewing is what you prefer as a bonus. At least 30 photo sets of average resolution are good enough. You also have bonus sites where you could test your gratification mixture with different kinds of content. However, these bonuses tend to restrict viewers to trial downloads rather than full downloads, which may be a setback to many.

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  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $34.95
  • 1 year $99.95


GagTheBitch is setting a new record in the hardcore gagging, even though the site has not done any updates. There is no doubt that the content is of average quality and may surely keep you off. But stay put, because this is exclusive content from juicy cock-loving bitches that you will certainly not find anywhere. It remains highly recommended for now.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
3 stars
Audio Quality
3 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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