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These are modern times we’re living in. Cameras in every pocket, satellites above our heads, and spy cameras built into glasses are the way we live nowadays. The porn industry is quite adaptive, and sometimes the newest technologies are implemented into porn before even they could go commercial. Though the spycam-glasses are not the newest developments, they brought a fine change into porn, and a whole dimension opened: the ultimate PoV porn became reality. The folks at the DirtyFlix thought: ‘What the hell, get some cam-glasses, and fuck girls around the world!’, and they see it was good. For you, the FuckingGlasses has a growing collection of porn in store. As a site that’s only two and a half years old the FuckingGlasses offers a whole lot of juicy sex to you. You will be able to watch these girls as they are being fucked, almost always in HD quality, and these guys are coming with a new video every week. Currently, the FuckingGlasses has more than 100 videos for you, each shot with different models, but each offering the same exciting quality. These videos are full, and they are going on for more than 20 minutes. Naturally the site has bonuses for you, but it would be a good one on its own. Your login credentials you create when you join the site are eligible for all sites of the DirtyFlix network, which offers 9 additional pages/series for you to enjoy. On those sites a mix of European and US porn awaits you, in the form of exclusive hardcore scenes. The overall amount of videos you get is over 500, and most sites update regularly, so the number continues to grow.


The FuckingGlasses is one of those sites of the DirtyFlix which don’t offer preview trailers for the videos. During the tour, you can only view the thumbnails they placed on the home page, and if you click on one, you’re going to get redirected to the signup page. This way the tour is fast. As you enter the members’ area, you will find a nicely build page. The upper half of the inner pages feature the network statistics, the banner, and the favorites’ menu. Below this, they placed the main menu, which has the links to the videos, pictures and the included sites. There is a search field too, which may be helpful in narrowing down the results – it can scan through titles, names and tags. When you open a listing page, you will see a filtering field under the ads. There are categories filters and tags filters. You can also sort the list by the usual aspects, like ratings, recentness, etc. As far as navigation is concerned, you may also change the style of the list, or select the quality of the videos you are looking for. In-browser viewing and downloading are your options, both are valid, but the best quality is reachable via saving the flicks. There are some vidcap galleries too, which can provide some insight on the scenes before you play them.

Actresses & Vids

You will see that these videos are really hot, and the girls in them are gorgeous, however don’t believe what you see: they all know that they are captured, and they act accordingly. As a DirtyFlix site, the FuckingGlasses is one of those sites of the network which feature some US porn too, so not just European hotties are getting fucked in these scenes. In case you like cute girls, and you don’t mind to see them fucked in reality porn videos, you might like this collection pretty much. You will see that the girls here are cute, and they are really lustful when it comes to sex. In all videos, they get talked into having sex with a ‘complete stranger’, and they hop on that cock like they were made with sole purpose of doing porn. As far as it can be decided, the models are semi-professionals at the best, and it’s certain that they are not strangers to porn. Their body is really hot, and fortunately, they are all in the original shape, so no fake breasts, tits or asses to be seen here. The appearance of the girls is sexy, and they have that girlfriend-impression that makes them much more tempting to sex-hungry guys like you. By the way, most of them are Caucasians, but you can also find some cute ethnic girls, like Latinas and Asians… however, Black models doesn’t appear in these videos. Everything you can see is staged, so it’s not totally true that the girls don’t know that they are being recorded. If you’ve ever saw a glasses these companies use, you know that it’s very evident that it’s not a normal glasses, and depicting from the quality of the videos, it’s quite certain that they use a big one. Nonetheless, these porn scenes are really amazing. They contain a bit of chit-chat, but the real action starts really soon, and the girls are going to get their pussy pounded hard and well. It’s mainstream stuff, so there isn’t any ass-fucking or kinky elements: the girls give a head and suck a bit, then they get their sweet pussy fucked, and the whole session ends with a money shot on the face or the body of the girls.

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When you open the site, you may fall in love with it in a minute for the girls are so hot on the thumbnails. To all porn fans the FuckingGlasses is recommended, since the sex is really good, and the girls are wonderful semi-professionals. Don’t forget to take in to consideration that you get a full network to browse as a member of the FuckingGlasses, so it’s also a very good deal for all porn lovers.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
3 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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