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FFStockings is an amazing fetish porn site that gives you over 1.000 videos and a wide variety of porn scenes featuring Julia, a hot and horny model.

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A fine pantyhose and stocking fetish porn site featuring the sexcapades of pantyhose crazy pornstar, Julia, is FFStockings. A member of stocking and pantyhose fetish porn network, StockingGirl, FFStockings offers you a range of exquisite porn scenes for your kinky minds and cocks. What sets FFStockings apart is the amazing repertoire of scenes that Julia performs in and the outstanding themes that make these videos so interesting. Stay with this review to understand more about FFStockings and decide for yourself on joining it.


FFStockings gets down to business right for the word go and you will find Julia in a very sexy pose, spreading her legs, showing off her red panty and black pantyhose in a looping mini-clip. Stats of FFStockings are seen to the right of the clip. A set of 20 thumbnails featuring Julia in kinky videos is seen below the clip, with each thumbnail occupying a tile in the 4×5 grid.

FFStockings itself offers you over 1000 videos for your kinky pleasures and this includes scenes like fake cum, lesbian domination, lesbian fisting, strap-on sex and many more. You can see these in the thumbnails, which also offer you a caption of what to expect in the video. While you can check out a video trial by clicking the thumbnail, the full video can be unlocked by becoming a member.

Membership is affordable and comes in three durations, including a monthly plan, a quarterly plan and a half-yearly plan. The membership free progressively reduces as you opt for the longer duration plan, and hence, opting for the 6-month plan makes sense. You can either opt for subscribing only to FFStockings or to the entire network, which offers you 7 additional sites at a very nominal fee.

Actresses & Vids

There are no words to describe the sexiness of Julia and this bespectacled slut loves to show off her amazing body at the drop of a hat. She loves to wear see through dresses and get wet in public, showing off her clean-shaven pussy, perky nipples, round breasts and asses. Julia is bisexual and is comfortable in performing in lesbian and straight sex scenes with complete élan. You will love to watch Julia dominate lesbians as well as get fucked by rock-hard dicks in all her holes.

The Panties, Peeing and Public Blowjob video is an awesome video which features Julia in probably her kinkiest performance. The bitch is seen peeing and wetting her panties behind an iron tank and soon, a passer-by notices her in her kinky avatar. He doesn’t lose time in compelling her to give a blowjob and she obliges by sucking his dick to the point of no return. At climax, she takes all his load into her mouth, making this a truly exquisite porn video to enjoy.

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  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $19.98/month
  • 6 months $14.99/month


FFStockings is a wonderful site you must subscribe to without delay, not because of this review, but because of the exclusive porn videos that show how sexy Julia is and how she manages to get the better of your dick every time you watch her naked. She has a great screen presence and your eyes will never wander away from the screen for a single minute, and when you get such an amazing site at an affordable subscription fee, joining is the only option for you.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
5 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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