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Enjoy exciting fetish contents. FetishGirls offers incredible live cam shows and gorgeous models.

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Fetish Girls is a website offering a variety of fetishes. Its main attraction is its live cams, which they offer one free each month. They offer a plethora of fetish video clips including: Jerk off Instruction, POV, Taboo Hand Jobs, and Smothering videos. There is foot and Ass worship as well as She Males. The site has over 600 models, all of which can be contacted for chatting. The website also offers an option to create your own fetish video and makes it very easy to send in requests to be seen in the live cams.


The layout is straight forward. At the top of the home page is a navigation bar offering links and drop down menus to make it even more specific. The links offered include: Custom Fetish Videos, Fetish Girls, Fetish Clips, Live Shows, and your Favorites. Registration is easy. All they ask for is your username, a password, and your e-mail account and then you get access to free chat and the weekly, free, live cam. The home page is divided up into sections. The first section is the access to the free live cam. The second introduces the fetish girls. There are three on display, but you can click on the link to lead you to all 600 of them. Each model has a photo of them, a description of what fetishes they are into, and a bit more about their bodies. The Home page has a section for their live cam archive, which displays six of the videos and has a button to bring you to the rest of the videos on the site. Under that you’ll find six of their top clips and below that will be six of their most recent clips. In addition to the girls, the live cams, and the video clips you can also find the option to create your own fetish video. When you create your own fetish video, you begin by finding your perfect model. Each model names their price per minute, so the cost of the video will depend on which model you select. You won’t be charged for the video until the model creates it and uploads it for you to view. The second part of the process is to create the video. The first portion of this includes deciding on an action, you choose your fetish and what you want to see from her, whether it includes squirting, female domination, jerk off instruction, or whatever your heart desires. You then can decide what you want the model to wear on camera for you. Once you have designed and directed the film, you simply place your order and the model creates your custom fetish video!

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Fetish Girls offers a large variety of gorgeous models. These models come in every shape, size and ethnicity. There are over 600 models ready to complete all of your fantasies. There are a lot of different categories of videos offered on this website. JOI is jerking off instruction, where the models will direct you through jacking off in detailed, explicit orders. In POV you can enjoy the camera angles making it look like you’re the one fucking the model. In the worship videos and cams, enjoy girls having their feet and asses worshiped in every way possible! Taboo Hand Jobs is a category touching on the risqué concept of receiving a hand job from your sultry step mom or being jerked off by your slutty step sister. There are other categories including female domination, she male, and smothering videos and live cams. Goddess Bri is a curvy girl with dark make up and colored hair. She is into foot, shoe, and stocking fetishes along with cuckolding, ass worship, and female domination. One of her most recent, custom made fetish videos was for her to face the camera and smoke cigarettes. Here’s where things get kinky, with legs spread open for pussy to be seen she is asked to shove ice cubes up her pussy while she smokes with attitude. Every time she needs to ash, she must ash in her mouth. Whenever she finishes a cigarette she must remove the ice cube from her pussy and let it melt down in her mouth before lighting up another cigarette. Fetish Friendly is a tanned blonde with a nice ass who is into Piercings, Foreplay, Love\Hate Relationships, Massage, Masturbation, and Nipple Play. She recently has been asked to perform a Jerk off Instruction video where she finds out her husband has been fornicating with another man’s wife. In order to exact revenge, she finds the husband of the woman who has been fucking her husband. She starts the video by removing his pants and emasculating him; telling him how inadequate his dick is compared to her husband’s. The rest of the video she instructs him in detail on how to jerk off for her. Goddess Qwi is a black goddess. She is 5’6, less than 120 lbs, and has C cup breasts. Her favorite thing is to have her feet worshipped. She loves to don sexy shoes and receive foot massages on camera. Some of her videos include her manicuring her toe nails or having her feet massaged. In all of her videos she is dressed like the goddess she is, wearing a white and gold gown, gold head dress, and gold bangles and arm bands. Mikki Lynn is a blue eyed blonde who wants to outdo your darkest fantasies. She’s a slender Caucasian with a dark side. By subscribing to her live cam you can ask her to fulfill your darkest fantasies on screen. She’ll do anything you can imagine and doesn’t want to waste any time beating around the bush. Don’t be shy, ask her what you want to see, and she’ll do it for you. In one of her videos watch her undress, starting with her heels, and dip into a sudsy bath. She then will stand up, take a shower, and masturbate for your pleasure.

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This website is great for all of your secret fantasies. It gives you the option to control what you pay for. Instead of paying for an entire site filled with random content that you may or may not like, you can choose to only pay for the girls and specific videos that you want to see. In addition to having over 600 girls to choose from for live cam shows, you can also choose to create your own custom fetish film.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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