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FemmeFetish is a porn website that delivers solo performances of the model FemmeEden. Enjoy exciting solo porn videos.

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The phrase “Femme” is slang for the more female partner in a lesbian association, however, almost or even all of you folks know the meaning of fetish. Bearing this in mind, I dashed in imagining Femme Fetish to be some type of lesbian fetish platform centering on dazzling models. Oh boy! I was wrong. Femme Eden is the solo performer on this site. Read along to learn more.


The instant I browsed Femme Fetish site, I was awed. The site comes in a brilliant design. The navigation is exceptional. Moving around the site is seamless. The user interface is very responsive. When you click on any link or tab, you are directed to the specific webpage very quickly. The designers need to be lauded for their excellent job. All the images come in a high resolution and can be saved in zip sets. The images can also be viewed on the site in a slideshow. The movies have a varying quality. The collection encompasses flash files of an average quality. They can be downloaded as well as streamed. The main section contains MP4s and most of the MP4s also have an average quality. I am more than happy to realize that they have included a mobile version. Since I am a person who loves to move around quite often, I have my clips and image updates right on my portable device. If also you are always on the move, you will love this feature.

Actresses & Vids

If you have a Femme fetish, then that implies that you fetish is everything relating to the smoking hot woman, Femme Eden. If this is the circumstance, then it stands to deduce that users will love the content this platform provides as Eden is doing her thing. Well “thing” does not mean she has a sex toy. From what is saw on the site, there was no sign of a dildo. The content in here is mainly soft-core. I could see her fondle her breasts and moist pussy, but it is greater to kindle your appetite than it is to get her off. I viewed her donning attractive lingerie or in undies and a bra at the beginning of her scenes, however the films in her library also show her in casual attire and flaunting her stunning legs and ass in a pair of tight jeans. The collection carries around 15 films, whilst the main film division affords you thirty. That is 45 films as a whole, one of which is divided in to two parts. Even more libraries than films are divided into clips, hence while it appears like you are having more, there are only 45 photo sets. 30 are found in the main photo segment, while the candids unit comprises fifteen “selfies” galleries that are snaps of Femme in front of a mirror using her mobile device. Fresh films are added on a weekly basis. While holding your horse, you can have a look at some bonus galleries featuring her allies and there is also some wallpaper to save. Subjectively, the greatest bonus is the fact that I could chat often with Femme in a live webcam performance. One of the girls who feature in the bonus galleries is also online and ready to chat from time to time. I highly recommend the site.

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  • 1 month $24.99
  • 2 months $39.99
  • 3 months $53.99
  • 150 days $59.59


In conclusion, Femme Fetish is a premium platform. Femme is one of the finest solo models on the web. Perhaps we will say she is the greatest at the moment.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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Best adult site if you're up for class-A porn stuff