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If watching intense blowjobs is what you din then log on to the portal that is known by the name of EuroBabeFacial. It must be very clear from the name that this is a porn locale that will give you access to some of the never seen before videos and images of hunks getting their bone sucked by hot lassies with every bit of passion that they can radiate. A sexperience can never be completely fulfilling until you have received or given a good deal of heads to your partner or lover. The actions that you will get to see here will sexcite you to an unimaginable level. The level of pleasure that you can get from watching the porn contents will surely depend on the quality of the matter. So, I will recommend EuroBabeFacial to all sex lovers, who have the addiction of feasting their eyes on the bobbing of heads while holding the muscular cock inside the mouth. Produced under the umbrella of Puffy Network, it started off with the operations in the year of 2014. Though it has only been two years in the arena of adult entertainment, the popularity and fame that this locale has been enjoying is definitely a cause of concern for all the other forums that happen to fall in the same genre. Gone are the days when people used to derive pleasure from watching hot and sizzling chicks, just humping on the dicks. The times have changed and with it has changed the requirements of the porn lovers. They have developed a classy taste when it comes to enjoying porn. You cannot expect to satisfy their desires for passion and lust just by serving any content in front of them. A good deal of research goes in when you are looking forward to making a porn portal and aim at satisfying the needs of the commoners. There are no two ways of getting success in this field. Either rise up to the challenges or fade into the oblivion. There are many sites that are functional in the market yet EuroBabeFacial has been able to carve its own niche. Unlike in some of the sister locale that deal in inter-racial or IR, the main area of focus, in respect to the origin of the female models, has been the continent of Europe. Yes! If you like to see the cock sucking skills of the European lassies that are of fledgling in nature, then EuroBabeFacial is the web link on which you should click right now. Even though you will get to feast on the muscular cocks coming in and out of the wet pussies, the main aim is towards providing the people with intense blowjob movies. Yes! Cum dripping from the beautiful faces of the sex fairies is the only way in which all the clippings end. The ladies enjoy massaging the dicks with their soft hands and also the wet lips. Cock sucking and licking do not end there. These damsels take it a step forward and keep stroking the erect bones so that the cum comes spraying out of the penis holes. With these, you will get to see all the normal sex activities that can be associated with adult entertainment.


All the portals that fall under the Puffy Network are characterized by certain elements that are associated with the technical parts. The first feature happens to be the ease of operations. This has been assured by the admin by designing an interface that can be activated by anyone. The second feature that you will notice happens to be the presence of many tabs. This is way to save time of the members as you can get to the desired materials by clicking on the respective tabs. There are separated areas for the videos, images, models and others as well. The third feature is the discrete areas for those who want to create an account and the other that will let the members enter the inner corridors with just the ID and password that have been registered by the admin. The last feature happens to the ease with which a member can subscribe to a package of his/her choice. The design of the home page has been done in such a fashion that it attracts the eyes of the customers at the very first instant. The various videos that are available in the locale are arranged in neat fashion on the front page. This will help you in getting a look at the models. The thumbnails are also accompanied with the name of the sex goddess that features in it and the ratings that the video has got. All the contents come in HD fashion. The resolution can reach ranges of 1920×1080 with a bit rate of 5000k+. This is achievable when you are downloading the contents with MP4. Streaming can be done with Flash at 1280×720 resolutions and with MP4 as well with 1920×1080 resolutions. The bit rate in both cases may differ. The sex materials are all free from the DRM licensing. The contents are all exclusive in nature but for a paying member, the downloadable videos and images are not limited. The videos are full length in nature. The images are also of high resolution, of 3000×2000. For the purpose of viewing the stills offline, you can get them in Zip file manner.

Actresses & Vids

The variety that you will get in respect to chicks is massive. They may look similar yet the subtle differences in the level of skills make each one unique. There are around 44+ clippings that are uploaded by the admin. Each of these will keep you engaged for 20 minutes. Three is one gallery that is dedicated to one video. So, there are 44+ galleries in all. Each set will contain 75 stills. Though the set design, location and the refined intelligence shown by the directors shown while playing with lights is just mind blowing, the lack of outdoor locations is a bit of an issue.

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  • 2 days $2.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $24.98/month
  • 6 months $17.50/month


With no regular updates mentioned on the home page, the porn lovers will not come to know about the additions that have been made in the recent past. Apart from this, there are no major issues that can stop you from logging here.

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Video Quality
5 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
5 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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