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Desperatestraightguys is a gay focused porn entertainment site that presents lots of variety. There are many energetic and handsome dudes featured on this site. The presentation easily sparks a romantic feeling in anyone with a craving for gay sex shows. The site features amateur men who seem to learn on the job and, consequently, provide great porn entertainment.


The site adopts a dark blue décor color theme. I was instantly drawn to its design and layout. I think there is always something about blue. It is no wonder porn movies are invariably referred to as blue movies. There is a clear layout with a drop down menu and outlined categories. Although there are plenty of image thumbnails splashed on the contents page, I was not distracted because the layout is clear. There is also a model index provided. These features give the user sufficient guidance on how to navigate around the site. The navigation is seamless and fast. The quality of videos, especially the ones that were added recently is sterling. The site is also mobile friendly. I can say that with confidence because I have accessed the content several times while on the move. I easily reach into my pocket for my phone and switch on the entertainment almost as if I’m playing the car radio. If you have an appetite for bonus sites, you are given at least three sites from which you can enjoy extra entertainment for the basic membership commitment you make on this site. You can view content on Cumpigmen, Damon Dog xxx and Dudes Raw once you subscribe to the membership services of desperatestraightguys. You can also stream the content on a range of devices or download it in a zip file.

Actors & Vids

There are no girls but boys and men with an insatiable appetite. The models featured here are desperate for cash. Therefore, their circumstances makes them daring and willing to do anything just so they can get a few bucks in their wallets. There are plenty of group sex orgies, anal penetration, deep throat cock sucking and cum licking shows. Ordinarily, most straight guys will stop at the cock sucking and cringe at other sex rituals such as rimming. However, owing to the burning urge to make money, the men on this site are very cooperative and learn. They are fast and easy. They provide some expert stunts that thrill anyone with gay fetishes. The men look decent in their demeanor and action. There is really nothing desperate about their appearance. I followed several dudes in the course of my tour of the site. I sought to explore the escapades of Danny McCoy, Cam Christian and Ryan. There is an electric connection among these gay men that is reminiscent of hot romantics who would do anything to achieve sensual orgasms. The trio caress, fondle and finally fuck in a group sex orgy that promises lots of action and natural reaction from the recipients of the sex rituals. There is dedication, focus and commitment to ensure that the other party is brought to the same level. The dudes can be seen sucking at each other’s dicks, while fondling and playing with the dumbbells. They kiss and return such favors with enthusiastic touch. Other characters such as Mario Cruz are great sex performers with an eye for the most exciting stunts. Users can access over 400 videos on this site. Each of the videos has a playback time of 24 minutes on the average scale. If you wish to tone down the action a little, you are privy to 200 galleries featuring 75 pics in each. They are great photos that capture a lot of the action in the video scenes.

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This is a site that provides exceptional attention to the needs of gay porn fans. Their content is exclusive and stimulating. The fact that you access bonuses is yet another addition that makes it a great attraction for gay porn enthusiasts.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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Video Quality
4 stars
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3 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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