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They say that you have not lived your life to the fullest if you have not experienced getting down and dirty somewhere public and exciting – in places that you know anyone could just walk in and catch you doing those things. Yes, having sex in these kinds of environment surely is exciting, not to mention that this excitement certainly adds to the thrill of the sexual act! This is also the reason why we have found that people engaged in public sex reach climax and orgasm a lot faster compared to those who are comfortable fucking in their own bed. We have thought of this idea before: wouldn’t it be great if someone goes around, like a spy, holding a camera in his hand and his mission is to capture those people who are doing these kinds of sexual acts? That would be awesome, right? But instead of reporting them to other people – he would just record these scenes for our viewing pleasure. That would truly be a really exciting job. However, we also understand that if having sex in public is challenging, catching the people that do so and recording everything without getting caught it definitely a lot harder. In fact, how would you even find these people in the first place? You have to think like them and be one of them. It would surely be a challenge unfit for writers like us – until we found a porn site that does so! Fortunately for us, we are not the only ones who have thought about this idea. There are other genius minds in the other side of the world, Czechoslovakia to be exact, that had thought of this as well, put this plan into action and made it into a porn site for the entire world to see. We are talking about the porn site called CzechSnooper. CzechSnooper is part of a big porn network that features other Czech AV porn sites like Czech Gangbang (featuring the hottest group sex scenes), Czech Amateurs (perfect for anyone who would want to see the freshest Czech chicks on porn), and Czech Lesbians (if you want to see the girl on girl action Czech style), just to name a few. This porn network is made up of thirty sites in all, and all of the content in these sites will be right at your fingertips if you sign up for CzechSnooper. Hence, without further ado, here are the different membership options that one can choose from and enjoy. There are only three: one month, three months, and six months. But just by signing up for one of these three will already give you access to the thirty porn sites that we have mentioned a while ago.


The website design of the CzechSnooper porn site is really simple, but not as discreet as its theme. Upon landing on the homepage, you are already going to see a wide scrolling banner bearing big images of the latest videos that you will get to see in the porn site – or, shall we say, the latest videos “caught” by the expert snooper of the site. Below this banner, you will find a short description of the porn site. It tells us the story of the cameraman who diligently collects these videos for us. It says there that he is a voyeur and has devoted his life into getting these secretly public scenes into film. According to the site’s tagline “You never know who is watching!” It also says there that this porn site is the first of its kind. Hence, if you are a fan, you would not be able to find another site that caters to this kind of porn elsewhere for now. This is how exclusive the videos here are. Another scroll down will finally give you the previews of their latest videos. These previews are really big and full information along with different sized thumbnails. The titles of the videos are just numbers like “Czech Snooper 10”; there is no other particular title. Aside from that, the video’s length is also featured on the preview, along with a short description of how the genius cameraman has caught the scene and what it is all about. Below these previews are finally the links to the different sites also within the porn network.

Actresses & Vids

It is easy to claim that the videos star Czech chicks, and you are right because most of the videos do. After all, these videos were taken in their own country. However, aside from them, there are other ladies in this porn site too, from time to time; foreign ones, mostly tourists who have made their trip to this country more exciting. Because of the theme of this porn site, you will never know what type of girl you are going to see next. And also because of this, the quality of the videos may vary as well. Just remember that these are all taken discreetly outdoors, with probably just a camcorder on one hand along with a lot of patience. There is no fancy equipment here and fancy lighting. This is why the quality of the videos almost resembles those of amateur user-submitted porn videos.

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  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $64.95
  • 6 months $99.95


Overall, this is a porn site really worth signing up for if you are fan of this type of porn genre. After all, you are not going to see any other site that operates in this way elsewhere. As what we have already mentioned above, this is a single stroke of genius from this country and unfortunately other porn site creators have not dared to enter this world yet. This porn site is also for people who like the Czech culture, because seeing these videos, even just through the monitors of your computer or other gadgets, will almost feel like an exciting tour to this exhilarating country as well. And not every gets the chance to just pack their bags and visit the country, right? But with this site, you can just sit down in front of your PC and you are there.

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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3 stars
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3 stars
4 stars
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4 stars
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4 stars

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