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CzechHitchhikers is one of the best Czech porn site offering great porn videos performed by some of the sexiest Czech girls that you have ever seen.

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CzechHitchhikers is probably the finest adult site offering you the sexiest Czech bitches hitchhiking and getting fucked by a horny guy. And the sex is true to life, as the stud’s friend records the insane fucking scenes shot across the Czech Republic. Czech sluts are among the most outward and forward-looking sluts in the world, and are always open to having sex in any place.

It is easy to find Czech sluts topless in any place, and catching a couple fucking each other in public places is very common. When you are in the land where sex and nudity are more of a norm than an exception, you are truly in a paradise. And Czech Republic is a true paradise, not only for tourists but for others who want to fuck the sexiest Czech sluts. And that’s what CzechHitchhikers provides you.

Presented by PornCZ, CzechHitchhikers features sexy sluts walking lonely on the road, and hitchhiking a ride in a car, only to get fucked crazily. Not only does the guy enjoy fucking the bitch, but the bitch also relishes the prospect of getting her holes filled with warm gooey cum. Oh! Let me stop here, and keep the rest for later in this review. This review has been written to help you understand what you get by subscribing and something about the beautiful and sexy sluts who feature in this amazing porn site.


The creators of CzechHitchhikers have left no stone unturned to ensure that you get the best of the best. The site itself is a wonderful marvel that you will be tempted to explore more of it the moment you land. What entices you the most is the beautiful image of a sexy bitch sitting in a car, and a guy showing his dick to her, as if inviting her to suck. And the slut is not only amused but is very happy too, and that smile on her face indicates that she is keen to suck the dick. While the first image that you see is sure to set your temperatures soaring, wait till you see what else is in store for you.

Below this image there are a couple of text boxes, one which allows you to watch a free trailer and the other to view the latest updates from CzechHitchhikers. There is a brief description of CzechHitchhikers above the two buttons. Below the description and buttons, you will find a handful of video thumbnails. The thumbnails are large, and each carries with it a brief caption and the name of the bitch featured in the video, as to what she likes. There is also a link to download the video and the runtime of the video.

The videos can be downloaded by registered members, and guests are prompted to subscribe to view the reviews. There are five such videos in the homepage. The surprising part of CzechHitchhikers is that all videos are available in 4K ultra-HD resolution. You can also check out more updates by clicking on the view more updates button that you see below the last video thumbnail. On clicking view more updates, you get to see additional videos below. At the bottom of the page, you will find the join now button that allows you to get instant access. Membership to CzechHitchhikers is affordable and there only one membership plan on offer, the monthly recurring plan. Additionally, membership gives you access to over a dozen porn sites in the PornCZ network and includes the likes of CzechSexCasting, CzechAnalSex, DellaTwins, FuckOrFired, and others.

Actresses & Vids

Having checked out what kind of a site CzechHitchhikers is, let us now turn our focus on the bitches featured in the videos and the kind of videos you can enjoy in this exquisite porn site. As pointed out earlier, the sex in CzechHitchhikers is genuine, and nothing is faked or scripted. All videos offer you a very standard theme, which includes a beautiful lonely slut walking along on the road, and is approached by this horny guy in his car. He asks them where they are going, and offers to ride them to their destination. In exchange of money for giving them a ride, he decides that they repay him by allowing him to fuck. And it is not that these sluts come out of the car and get fucked.

The videos are very explicit in showing the bitches getting naked inside the car, showing off their awesome breasts and nipples. The sex is truly amazing, and most of it take place outdoors. You will find sluts getting fucked in the woods, in the mud, in a country cottage, in the bathroom and many other places. There is a lot of couple-sex, but there are some videos, which show threesomes too. The videos on CzechHitchhikers feature insane blowjobs, asshole invasions, pussy pounding, deepthroats and cum facials, titty creampies and pussy creampies.

Taking about the bitches, you will be surprised that they are not the regular pornstars that you’ve come across all this while in the porn world. These sluts are the normal chicks you will see in your day-to-day life. They can be the girl next door in your neighborhood, or someone you know in your workplace, or that travels with you in the metro or bus. Irrespective of who the chicks are, what you are guaranteed is a great time, watching the horny guy fuck these bitches. These sluts have awesome breasts, perfectly round and firm, which you will want to grope and fondle, whether they are naked or otherwise. The areolas set perfectly in the centre of the breast, with the nipples pointing out like mountain peaks. The sluts love to have the nipples sucked hard while getting fucked. Shaven pussies give way to amazing pink cunts that are ever-ready to take rock-hard cocks.


You must be getting the penile itch reading about these sexy cunts, who are out there to seduce you with their sexy moves while hitching a ride and stripping in the car. Affordable membership, access to over a dozen sites in the PornCZ network and a large collection of over 600 videos featuring the sexiest sluts from everyday life are sufficient to keep your cock buys every night, jerking-off to glory.

Warning: the website is closed, but you can find a very close one here


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Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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