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The money shot. That’s the way to go when it comes to feeling the exhilarating pleasure that comes with cumming. You can’t finish unless you see a girl with the jizz dripping all over her mouth while she hurries to gulp it all up in one mouthful. You love to see the sweet, sticky liquid running down on her boobies until it hangs from the nipples and another lady slurping it up. But in order to see that, you need to also enjoy a good fuck. So cumshotsnfacials gives you that and more: that shot that makes you feel all kinds of kinky and the good fucking that leads to it. As a bonus, they focus on facials so you can see the lady tasting the hot jizz from her lips or kissing the cock as it pulses its juices into her mouth. And if there’s one thing the ladies love, it’s swallowing every last drop of cum until they feel their man satisfied. But that doesn’t mean there’s only one man involved. Often, they need even more juice on themselves so multiple dicks are squirting their sperm on their mouth and chest and hair, rewarding their efforts with a warm load. The clear HD images of the website show the precise moment they taste it, so you’ll know what you’re in for and if you want to see them blowing a dude up to that point.


The website features a bunch of videos, all marked with the views and length. Apart from the platter of various clips you can scan on the first page, there are thousands of videos and photos you can pick from – and if that’s not enough, you have over a hundred more websites that partnered with them in order to provide the best content you’d need to feel ecstatic. The website features over 10,000 models and the numbers are going up every day. Their content doesn’t have any ads so you can browse in peace and enjoy a calm night while you see a beautiful lady sip the stuff from a hard-on that’s filling her mouth. They just love tasting it as it drips down one man’s cock, and their tongues meet in the middle, mixing saliva and cum in order to create the perfect combo for that final moment. Getting shot in the face with a man’s load doesn’t mean they don’t like to have balls teabagged din their mouths or other parts of their bodies grabbed and squished. They also tend to touch themselves in order to arouse the men more and open up for the unexpected explosion of an erect cock. Truth be told, they’re in for your pleasure and for the pleasure of swallowing a good fuck’s worth.

Actresses & Vids

The girls won’t stop at anything to get a good taste of the cumshot that’s waiting for them after orgasming. They will do everything in any way you like it. For example, some of them prefer wearing a pearl necklace to match with the new one they’re about to get. Others are having fun by wearing eye goggles or other accessories. Braces are not stopping our girls from deepthroating a nice long dick in order to feel it squirting in their mouth, filling it up with the white sticky juice. There’s only so much you can see until you skip to the grand finale so the videos don’t mess around with decorum and such details – you simply focus on the raw act of sex until the time comes for the man to cum. The ladies are always prepared for the shot and love showing it off to the camera, spitting and dripping after they grab a mouthful, so you can actually sense their pleasure. All sorts of intercourse are accepted as long as the finale is the same, a nice juicy drop in the lady’s face. Interracial sex is quite present on the website because girls just love a big black cock cumming all over their mouth and tits but it’s not the only kind of video presented on the website as you can choose whatever kind of lady suits your fantasies. The detailed shots also give you plenty of time to play with yourself and cum when you feel like it as you watch the ladies drip cum on each other and licking it off. The high-resolution pictures are ready to show you all the details of the second that’s worth the wait and you sure have your options to pick from when you count the tons of images present just a click away.

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The girls love what they’re doing and there’s nothing satisfying them more than going for the big ending, the one that keeps them going and gets them cumming. They will try whatever tricks they have in their hands, tongues or pussies just to get a guy to that point when he just can’t help it anymore and he explodes all over her face. That’s what they like and they make sure you get to see the entire show because they know that’s also what you enjoy the most. The easy navigation of the website and the big explicit buttons and images are nothing but aiding your quest for the best of the best. They never say no to cumswapping or other dirty, perverted kinks if they can just play around some more with the nice juicy product of a satisfied man’s penis. There’s a reason cumshotnfacials features the detailed facial expression of the model – you can just see the pleasure they feel in the moment, sending you in your own personal kind of uncensored delight.

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Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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