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When you visit Cosplay in Japan, you will realize that it is truly time for play. The hot costumes and unique hair do’s that tease us into submission is not all that the site has to offer. Portrayed as a site that brings fantasy to life, Cosplay in Japan is a hot fetish and has been specially designed for anyone who wants to explore. The naughtiness on this site should not cloud your judgment; it is as professional as any other adult site that would fall under the MindGeek and Tokyo Dollars Network. The name says it all, Cosplay in Japan features horny Japanese models having sex with deserving men to give you the viewing pleasure that you deserve. As a representation of authentic Japanese porn, the models on this site embody video game characters and ordinary people such as housemaids, cops and bunnies. There are hundreds of outfits to represent each and every anime character. It is up to the men in the movies to decide on which cosplay characters they would like to fuck. The innocent-looking Japanese models are far from innocent. They showcase unmatched Japanese sex styles which result to the most steaming sex scenes. This will definitely be a turn-on for Japanese and Asian sex lovers. The grueling down and dirty actions that are portrayed in the movie footage prove exactly why cosplay has become a worldwide phenomenon. You will be able to live vicariously through the models in the sex scenes. Cosplay in Japan is known for the highest quality movies in streaming options. The full HD content will always give you the kind of clarity that you often desire from the best porn sites. The content is also exclusive. You will not randomly find these scenes will across the internet. If you feel the need to discover, membership comes with access to four bonus sites. This means that you will never run out of content. Cosplay in Japan offers all its members the delightful surprise of constant updates in the form of Japanese models that are dressed in the most diverse costumes and are showcasing their best skills in the bedroom. You are in for a lot of fucking and sucking that will indefinitely increase your sexual appetite. If you sign up for cosplay, you should be ready for anything.


The members’ area will lead you right through Erito’s homepage. This is a bonus site that comes with exclusive membership to Cosplay in Japan. You can freely venture into the bonus sites and see what they have to offer but Cosplay in Japan should be your ultimate destination. Due to the wide nature of the collection, it is hard to narrow everything down. However, the navigation tools that the site has to offer will make everything quite easy to maneuver. The crosslink category makes it really easy to view different movies, their release date and their given descriptions. Unfortunately, there aren’t any screen caps on the site. Even so, browsing through the pages is still a breeze. As a top Japanese cosplay site, Cosplay in Japan has a highly interactive model index. Through this members can be able to know more about the models. This makes it easier to connect with them during the chats. The streaming options that come with the movies mean that they are not yours to keep. Even so, they will certainly give you a good viewing. Members can rate the movies using thumbs up or thumbs down. Movies can also be easily added to favorite lists. Apart from the bonus sites, members can enjoy a plug-in DVD theatre that allows the streaming and download of over 2000 Japanese DVD movies.

Actresses & Vids

Cosplay in Japan boasts of the hottest professional models that you can find anywhere on the web. The variety of models guarantees you that there is something for everyone on the site. Their willingness to go above and beyond for the sake of pleasure is really attractive. Their gorgeous faces and sexy bodies will pull you in and welcome you for the ride. Their professionalism will make them very hard to resist. Their desperation for cock also leads to rocking the sexiest outfits. There are many scenes where they gangbang, have threesomes, Bukkake and lesbian encounters. They are not afraid to show off their horniness in front of the camera. As most of the scenes are scripted, there are many instances where the models are teachers, gym instructors, doctors and even patients. The diversity of the costumes and scenes make for the most memorable fucking moments. All models in the movies are smiling, clearly proving that they are having a good time. This adds something super sexy to the experience that is already provided by the website. You will get a front row view of their bodies anytime they twerk, strip down or bend over. They certainly account for the most magical moments. All the movies are of good length and have the right kind of build to the actions. In the movie, “Fucking to Get the Job”, you can watch a hot brunette fucking her potential boss in order to get hired. The action is ‘real’ and stimulating. You can pick up a few pussy eating tips. In “Blame the Teacher”, you will be excited to watch the best anal foreplay. The model is taught the most satisfactory lesson of her life. There are plenty of other movies (282 scenes) that will spark your imagination. Even without galleries, there is a high chance that the memories from the site are truly for keeps.

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The Plethora of costumes that is featured on Cosplay in Japan makes the action really interesting. You never know what you will see or the kind of teaser that you will get. More than anything else, enjoying the best of this site will encourage you to tap into your sexuality. There is no doubt that Cosplay in Japan is one of a kind. The role playing fuck flicks only add to the site. Even though the movies are censored, the site will still give you something to talk about.

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4 stars
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4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
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4 stars

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