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CinemaJoy presents a nice collection of 30 videos and 30 image galleries of some of the most intense and passionate European porn movies. Don't miss this great site!

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The most interesting porn movies I have seen in a while are those on CinemaJoy. When a female director makes porn movies, it is certainly something to see and enjoy. This female point of view is more erotic, artistic and authentic in my opinion, and never boring. Don’t think there is no hardcore, it is actually the opposite. Get yourself a comfy chair or bed and enjoy the fabulous and surprisingly interesting and sensual action in movies provided by Petra Joy and other directors chosen especially for their artistic and hardcore value.


The nice designed page of CinemaJoy can only stir your imagination one way, toward carnal pleasures. You will come to appreciate the pure and sweet sensuality and the kinky lovemaking you will encounter in the videos, but the first impact is made with the site this site speaks artistic language of pleasure. It all begins with dark background colors and shades of gray that make the navigation pleasing and relaxing to the eye and anticipating to the mind.

The video that starts once you enter the world of erotica is only few minutes long, but in those few minutes you will get the general idea of what you can expect from the content of other videos. The one thing that this site lacks are regular updates. It is not something that should worry you because of the quality of existing videos, and that quality is superb.

The membership is recommended for the connoisseurs of porn and others, ones that aim toward quantity would be disappointed with 30 videos and 30 galleries with photos. The payment is secure and all downloads are reliable and unlimited. It is really great that this site has adapted its content to mobile devices so you can browse optimally on your smartphone or tablet.

Actresses & Vids

There are a lot of quality films on CinemaJoy. The most of them are from director Petra Joy and others come from different directors that have intrigued Petra and stirred her fantasies. The newest videos are all of the best cinematographic quality and most of that movies have won awards and are highly appreciated in by the critics.

The feminine view of erotica and porn is really intriguing and in some movies female fantasies are explored and in other there are lesbian and gay couples discovering their pleasures in natural ways without too much acting and pretending for the camera. The ones that I really liked the best are made of short movies with various female directors presenting their fantasies on the silver screen.

There are of course, explicit sex scenes and hardcore games in and out of bed, but all in all, these stories are told in a better and more intriguing way than your regular porn movies. There is style, fantastic true lovemaking, some kinky acts and a lot of sex with guys, girls, transgenders, lesbians, black and white people. I believe that all things considered, watching these movies will bring more than passing pleasure and you will be turning to these movies and watch again and again, grasping for that fleeting and intriguing pleasure that only people with artistic view can give you.

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Spoiler alert! CinemaJoy will be your place to turn to whenever you need more than just simple release. The intrigue, sensuality and erotica, but also hardcore fucking all in one expect you in one of the best collections of porn movies I have seen in a while. There are mistresses with whips, gay couples and transgenders, lesbians and straight couples playing their fantasies on the silver screen. The awards given to these movies are justified, you can find out why when you join this fantastic site.

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Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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