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The social media has made as part of a world where anything goes. We can communicate with anyone, regardless of where they are but best of all, we can send our boyfriends compromising snap chats and videos, even if we are continents apart. After all, this is the only way fresh faces know how to express love and when they take the time to make something special for the cute boy who makes them happy, they expect it to be highly appreciated. Their idea of the perfect gift is a video highlighting the nudity that their boyfriends are going to enjoy the next time they see them. However, when they are with their boyfriends, they may decide to make a short version of a sex tape that allows both of them to reminisce on how pleasurable the encounter was. In any fresh face relationship, things are bound to go sour at one point or another. Therefore, cold revenge is just around the corner for any of them. When the heartbroken boyfriends get to find out that their girlfriends were looking for pleasure elsewhere, they get back at the by uploading leaked nude selfies, snap chats and sex videos to the social media for the world to enjoy. However, ChatRevenge deems it fit to source all of the slutty content and create a single platform for it and that is how you ended up being part of the amazing adult site-ChatRevenge. Careful, though, before digging into what this collection has to offer, ensure that you are not featured on the platform. You never know, your last ex-boyfriend may have decided to take the matter into their own hands and done us the pleasure of sharing your joyous moments with the rest of the world. But if you are in the clear, go ahead and find out what this site has to offer.

If you decide to become a member of ChatRevenge you will have the pleasure of enjoying bonus content from 15 Girlfriend sites. There are tons of fresh faces who have a lot to show off and it is only fair that you make the most of it. In case you need diversity from the collection that is offered on ChatRevenge, you can always expand your horizons, you will have the pleasure of making the most of the bonus scenes and this is cause for celebration. If you need a break from scripted pornography, this site is perfectly amazing for you. It will surely meet you at your point of pleasure. The big sexy butts and cushion fits of many girlfriends around the world make a play on ChatRevenge. While this is truly revenge served cold, the action is steaming hot. You will not regret investing your time on this platform. If anything, you will be grateful that the site offers you a chance to be part of the best in the amateur world. As we never learn, the site will still have a steady stream of content in years to come. Boyfriends will keep being boyfriends and fresh face girlfriends will keep showing their kinkiness to the world when they get a chance.


ChatRevenge has 6000+ scenes and a complementary 8,000+ galleries that are filled with captivating pictures. While you may think that the arrangement of these scenes will be all over the place, the truth is that you will be delightfully surprised on horny ChatRevenge has taken the time to present its content in an outstanding way. The update schedule is not really one that is clear but there is no cause to complain, the site delivers as it promises to. You will find links that will lead you to different avenues of the site. Thankfully, they work! There are a lot of labels to make the user interface a simple and friendly one. There are also a few scenes that are in HD format. This is a good catch as only low-quality content is expected from sites of this kind. However, ChatRevenge holds its own.

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The amateur naughtiness portrayed by all of the girlfriends is one that will captivate you. Yes, these girls are not polished porn stars but they ought to be. They bring to you content that comprises of solo masturbation and toy play, lesbian encounters and a whole lot of orgasms. For those who need more than a minimum level of kink, they can surely enjoy the group sex scenes. The girls are appealing to both men and women. If you have any sexual insecurities, you will also find brevity in those pages. The site holds scenes that feature a lot of hairy and bald vaginal areas. The amount of fun that you will be able to get from these scenes is unexplainable. There are also times when you want to polish your skills in the bedroom.

The girls will show you interesting positions that will challenge you and keep you busy for many days. For those who have cheating boyfriends, they clearly need to pick up a few skills from the girlfriends on the site. No wonder their boyfriends only have eyes for them. You will not be able to stay away from the tempting pussies. Your pants will inevitably feel tighter as they shamelessly parade their bouncy boobs for everyone to see. They definitely have silicone filled chests as it does not take a genius to figure out that these are not their God-given mammaries. When they caress their bodies in masturbation, you will love the impact that they will make on you. It’s almost as if the girlfriends know that they have you wrapped around their fingers and they enjoy every moment of being in control.

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ChatRevenge has the largest collection of scenes amongst sites of a similar nature. There is plenty for you to enjoy on those pages, therefore, you simply have to be willing to immerse yourself in the action.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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