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As a person who has seen all types of porn, I get a little picky about them every now and then. These days, I find it ridiculous when I have to pay quite a sum just so I can watch some lame porno, but who is to blame when I have indulged myself in such. Nowadays, the number of porn sites are increasing, with the internet taking up people’s lives in a large scale, and because that number has been increasing in a daily basis, it is now quite hard to find a porn site that is actually legit, in the terms of the entitled millennial, “amazeballs”.

True enough, only 4 out of 10 porn get me going and it is obviously not because of the ladies. I love girls. I love women. I love them to bits. I only have a strange and demented hitch about quality (in both productions and resolutions) and how the features are a sure bomb to majority of the members. I mean, come on, I pay monthly for porn and I do not get a bit of what I want (and what I have been fed with)? Thank God for reviews, huh? Yes, hallelujah for reviews. Now that porn is technically expanding and snowballing into the larger audience, it is kind of hard to find something worth your time but the good can easily be picked out from a wave of bad porno. Take for instance TeamSkeet.

TeamSkeet is a porn company and a porn network that may sound silly but they do make a lot of the industry’s top porn sites, thanks to their unique and hardcore take on sex. Not only do they have countless porn sites to be amazingly proud of, they are still on the roll by making numerous others that tend to get the public’s vote and interest. I, for one, love every single thing TeamSkeet produces and I am not even ashamed to admit it. One porn site I am most definitely lusting for is CFNMTeens.

Sounds weird, you say? That is because you probably do not know what that means. CFNM stands for Clothed Female, Naked Male and that is exactly what you will be getting as soon as you decide to go for this one right here. You will be seeing tons of “amateur girls” who are quite fresh, getting screwed by naked men, with their meager and scrimpy clothes on. Do not brood or chafe though because despite the tremendous presence of clothes and the likes, you will still see their tight little pussies getting pumped and juiced up by huge dicks. Not only that, the tits and the asses will be in full view too. If that does not scream erotic, then I do not know what does. The site itself focuses on the amateur side of things, all the while bordering on hardcore and intense fucking – but that sounds like the same thing anyway so that is great. So, cross your fingers lad, and prepare to have the time of your life once you land here.


TeamSkeet likes playing with colors but they also like to be clear cut, direct, and uncomplicated. They are also known for their simple, effortless, and smooth website designs. Playful as it sounds, this is exactly what they gave to CFNMTeens: a moderate website design with equally stark navigation. No, it does not look bland, on the other hand, it looks rather clean and composed and there are no excesses to begin with. You do not have to spend much time looking for something that is possibly not there or miss out on the important and juicy parts just because you have spent too much of your tempo figuring out what to do.

The navigation is perfect for CFNMTeens and the interface is quite frankly, very user friendly. There are enough browsing tools to get you by and the features are wonderful as you will be given enough opportunity to interact in the site itself. As I speak (and even before anything else), members are allowed to rate the scenes from a scale of one to five, one being the lowest and five being the highest. You can also leave comments on the videos where other people can see them and possibly give you their replies or opinions.

Each of the scenes can also be added to your favorites for future use and there is a model index where you can find the names of the girls and their short biographies. Right now, the site houses almost 50 photo galleries which you may download in zip files. These galleries have at least 200 photos inside or a little less. In addition, with your CFNMTeens membership and subscription, you will get access to free bonus sites that are under the same network. That is around 15 to 20 bonus sites that are pure unadulterated porn.

Actresses & Vids

CFNMTeens has what you can call boppers. These “boppers” are fresh faced, unblemished, and impeccable. Even with their clothes on, they do love a good fucking and everything that happens in between. Of course, it is not only fucking we see. We get our great dose of blow jobs, hand jobs, pussy licking, and soft BDSM.

All the scenes can either be viewed in browser using an updated embedded Flash player or downloaded in MP4 or WMV format then saved in your device. The WMV format has a resolution of 950 x 540 while the MP4 format stands at 1920 x 1080. The streamed version, where you can view online, has a 1080 x 720 resolution or a lower one, which depends actually, since you will be able to adjust the size of the player according to your choice. There seems to be no download limit and as of the moment, there are almost 50 scenes available for viewing in the site. Updates have been going strong, with 1 update per week.

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  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $28.97
  • 3 months $16.62/month
  • 1 year $7.98/month


CFNMTeens has great quality and the number of content is decent. The photos are great, as well. Overall, everything here seems to be in order and I am definitely recommending this to everyone who wants good fapping material.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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