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Candy Girl Video is a great place if you desire to watch sultry girls bring out their naughty side and steam up action. The website mainly comprises of hot amateur models in solo, girl to girl and both hard core as well as soft core action. They are plenty of videos as well as pictures to cater to. The videos are shot using state of the art cameras and those who have shot the videos have done a great job. They have given emphasis to every single aspect, just to make the videos superlative in all their aspects. When you apply for membership you will be treated to 500 HD videos and over 800+ pictures and that too in extremely manageable rates. The vids are sized up to 1080 formats with the highest reaching up to 1920×1080 pixels. As for the pictures, they are also in amazing in their resolution with the highest being in 1280x 720 pixels. The website is also good in terms of the number of updates. The last time I checked it I found that the website gets updated 4 times in a week and I am sure that it is pretty much the same. In terms of the girls in action, you will find some popular names such as Savannah Rae, Memphis Monroe and also Emily Addison. These are some of the stars of the website but apart from them, there are many other sultry chicks which you will come across as soon as you set up an account of your own. These girls are out and out performers and will set the videos on fire with their seductive acts and sexual rendezvous. The website has all kinds of contents and the reason for that is that it gathers niches or contents from a number of places. So safe to say, when you visit the site, you will get a vast collection of videos and pics all different in action. The website mainly has girls aging between 20-25 years of age and so you will not find any MILF action or mature women videos. The website also comprises of a wonderful download speed and using that to your benefit you can download as many videos and picture you want without any hesitation. These videos will be downloaded in MP4, MOV as well as WMV formats. Now after giving you an introduction to the website and some of the facilities which it renders, it is time to check out some of the other benefits which are lined up for you. Keep on reading!


The home page is impressive and has a white background and that is what makes the contents appealing to the eyes. The user interface is also impressive and is stacked with good model indexes and update information. The download speed as stated above is also quite good and with the important menus and navigation options present, you can browse any portion of the website you desire to. The website also has a search engine which you can employ to find out the vids which appeals to you. The website is also responsive to some of the popular operating systems such as Android, Windows and also iOS and with this benefit, if you have a smart phone of any one of these OS, then you can log into your account and check out the latest updates, your favourite models with their related videos and also the HD pics which are presentable without any problems. There are plenty of materials present in the home page and they seem to be arranged properly. Not for one minute will you feel that it is overcrowded. The membership procedures are a piece of cake and involve a few simple steps. Firstly you will have to click on the sign up page and doing so you will find a page where you will have to enter some of your personal details such as your name, your age, your email address, your payment mode and along that select the subscription package which proves to be appropriate for your pockets. As your request has been submitted, within a few minutes, the website from their end will send a notification which will have the status of your request. If it says that your account set up was successful, then you will be able to check out the materials of the website without any strings attached but it the verdict is vice-versa, then you will have to repeat the methods and before submitting check whether the details are alright in terms of its spellings as well as the place where they have been entered. The subscriptions have to be paid off using the CC imbursement method. The website is also quite sound in terms of its security and so all your details will be properly protected without any issues.

Actresses & Vids

The website promises to provide some really hot girls shredding down their attires and giving a clear sight of their pink pussies and their fuckable figures. And what the website promises they deliver superbly. You will rarely find girls so hot and so naughty. They are all sex fiends and the way they seduce their partners, rub breasts against their partners, insert themselves with sex toys or their fingers, eat their partner’s pussies or asses, is really enthralling. The vids are shot with state of the art cameras covering all the vital aspects. The sound quality is as good as the picture resolution and there are also plenty of close up shots ensuring you to enjoy the videos to the fullest. The length of the vids is also long- ensuring that you get the titillation which you crave for. The pics are also lively, crisps and even minute birth marks of tattoos are clearly visible. The vids can be downloaded as well as viewed online and the same is applied for the pictures.

One of the best adult paid website if you like amazing amateur stuff


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The website Candy Girl Video will give you lots of reasons to please yourself. There are lots of vids which get added and also the website makes sure that they bring in new faces to pump up their X factor. This is why they have a name in the realm and so many people want to become its members.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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