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Price: $1.00 (2 day trial)

ButtFormation gives you sensational porn and workout videos featuring some of the sexiest models with the hottest butts. Enjoy this exclusive porn platform and have fun!

ButtFormation Review

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Great POV sex porn style is outlined on this Buttformation site. This site has an easy navigation process and content can easily be accessed. The girls are hot, sexy and with firm big butts. Their workouts are not in vain because they end up fucking some hot dudes.


The site makes navigation easy for every user. Therefore, you don’t require any particular skills to become a member or to access content. Just as all other sites of the Stiffia network, you can browse through the entire site faster and easily. Everything is right on the homepage.

Once you sign in, you will get browsing tools on the site, which will help you to access the videos you want to watch. You can search for videos using their category or by the keywords. Due to the fact that the site is new, it currently does not have any advanced searching tools. However, once you find a particular video, you can also access other related videos on the site since they come with tags.

In addition, the videos come with a short description telling you what to expect in the movie. Therefore, you can read through the description and understand the content of the movie even before you watch the entire video. This way, you will save time since you don’t have to watch videos that will not attract your eyes. Butt Formation is also mobile friendly and there are videos that come with the mobile quality for download. Therefore, you don’t always need to have your computer to fulfill your pleasure in Butt Formation.

Actresses & Vids

Most of the girls on the site are the famous porn stars of all time. Here you will meet with familiar names. However, there are others, that are new in the industry and this will add pleasure. Being a workout site, it’s obvious you will not expect to meet with models that are not shaped. Here you will meet girls that have perfect body curves.

Apart from having smooth skin and beautiful faces, the women here have attractive bodies and what it takes to be called sexy. You will get models with fabulous big boobs, round butts and magnificent general body curves. The models are intelligent and smart too. They know how to work out and seduce. The models training costumes have a design that will serve both purposes. This makes it easy to understand what is happening. At the same time, jumping from one scene to the other the model will still fit. These models, improve on their shape every day, especially around the butt area.

The site has 60+ videos. All the videos on the site are exclusive and therefore your subscription will be worth the price. Professionally speaking, the videos are shot from amazing angles to ensure that you capture the proceedings of the action. These angles are meant to show the round shapes of the butt as the models are working out. Once in a while, you will get models getting down on one another for some lesbian action. However, there are other instances that you will enjoy some threesome play, blowjobs as well as hardcore sex.

The videos are of the best quality in the industry. You will get videos in HD, full HD, and 4K Ultra HD. However, the videos only come in one MP4 format. All the videos can be downloaded or you can stream them live using the same MP4 format. There are three membership plans, one month, three months and one year. Every membership will attract a bonus site from the Stiffia network with every month you remain as a member.

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  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $23.32/month
  • 6 months $16.66/month


If you are fetish about girls working out to have sexy butts, Butt Formation is the site for you. On this website, you will enjoy the outdoor training and the public sex too. The models here do what it takes to have shaped butts. Plus all the bonuses from the network will make your subscription exciting.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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