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If you have fetishes about transsexual sex you can't miss BuckAngel, the only site that will satisfy all your dirty thoughts.

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BuckAngel is the place that brings you the only known female to male transsexual dude. The man has a pussy. Does it sound like a contradiction to you? If you’ve never heard of the phrase fact is stranger than fiction, I guess it is time to come to terms with that reality. Buck Angel is more than just a transsexual pornstar. There is reliable information that the dude has traversed several universities in the US in a bid to encourage people to learn to accept themselves.


I know that if you already know something about Buck Angel, your expectation is already high. What else would you do with an FTM dude with so many accolades? Well, I loved it when I landed on the homepage. The light grey, white and orange mixes of color in the background are exciting and creative. There is a meticulous job of ensuring that Buck Angel; the man is still held in high esteem. He is the proud maker and producer of the famous film `Sexing the Transmen’.

The home page is filled with many crisp clear images of the FTM porn star in steamy sex action with other dudes. There seems to be an obsession with tattoos on Buck Angel. I could click on any of the tagged images and sail to the action zone with ease. The home page presents you with handy information in text and several links that help users access the content with ease.  There is a drop down menu that allows you a quick glimpse of what the platform has on its entertainment menu.

Mobile users can check out the FTM content with relative ease. I could stream and download content with my modest Smartphone. Although there is a limit to what you can download, it is not easy to exceed the 40GB level. If by any figment of the imagination, or, an indeed rare chance of that reality happening, do not fret much because you can still catch up with the content the next day. You can either download or stream the flicks directly on the platform. The videos can be viewed in a range of formats including MP4 and Flash. You can also check out the content in multiple specs with the various Players.

Actresses & Vids

There is a long list of possibilities once you visit Buck Angel. I loved the cock sucking scenes that feature the famous and muscular dude with a pussy taking cock deep into his throat. The tattooed men are well endowed with body and shafts. You are treated to highly stimulating scenes showing the host pornstar in stimulating sex action as he sits still and spreads out to allow a deep fingering, sucking and licking his pussy. His reaction is real and exciting. You can see the dude heave and move in response to the stimulation he gets from his mate. The dudes fold each other and penetrate assholes with zeal.

There is a great variety of sex entertainment to sample on Buck Angel. You are treated to transsexual action, cis and gay porn in exciting performances that will make you drool with desire. There is even a scene in which Buck Angel himself sits on a couch and gaffs away as dudes and transsexuals worship his leather boots. Check out the scenes in which shemales fuck men with their rock hard cocks and even inverted roles in which the girls strap on toys and screw the FTM dudes. You are treated to a full array of fetishes on Buck Angel. Catch up with over 78 videos and 5600 photos in great specs. The flicks come alive in impressive full HD specs such as 1920X1080p. The older flicks are tweaked a little lower, though.

Surely the most awesome pay porn site to enjoy some class-A adult movies


  • 1 month $24.96
  • 3 months $69.86
  • 6 months $99.95


Buck Angel is not only an FTM porn star but peer leader too. His content on Buck Angel platform is impressive and dynamic. You have great user tools and frequent updates to keep you hooked for long.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
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3 stars
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3 stars

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