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The porn industry is really creative. There are innumerous genres, fetishes and really strange sites that try to explore a big range of themes. You probably have seemed parodies of TV shows, comics and heroes being portrayed in sex scenes, but today we would like to show you something different. Border Patrol Sex has a simple premise. Two cops, agents Smith and Martinez, are patrolling the border of US, trying to maintain order and to prevent foreigners to pass the border. Whenever they see someone suspicious, and obviously is a hot girl they made an approach, inspect the suspects and fuck them. But in between what seems to be a cliché and not so creative setting, Border Patrol Sex surprises us with great performances, nice use of all elements expected in a police inspection and truly well-written roleplaying scenes. Launched in November 2014, the site has a single year, so the content is still limited in number, but truly attractive in promises. Let’s look deeper inside Border Patrol Sex.


The main site is simple and direct. With the top banner illustrating a sunset in the border, and the logo using a neat military font, the design doesn’t try to overload you with information and unnecessary background pictures, resulting in a fast browsing. Scenes are presented with a great deal of information, such as release date, duration, respective tags for search and listing, models that stared the scene and a brief description of the action. Also, there are some sample images that you can see as a preview of the complete scene. There are four different resolution quality for downloading and streaming, 426 x 240, 852 x 480, 1280×720 and glorious Full HD 1920×1080, all of them in .mp4 format. The player used in steam is very intuitive and light, so don’t expect stuttering. By now, the library is still improving in number, offering over 10 exclusive scenes in their catalog, each one with more than 25 minutes. The updates are bi-weekly, so you can expect a healthy and constant growth of content. Even with a not impressing number of scenes, Border Patrol Sex offers more than twelve thousand of bonus DVD scenes, all from third parties. They explore a huge array of fetishes and niches, so there’s much more in the package than the exclusive scenes. The site offers some exclusive deals, as producers are constantly trying to improve access to more content and making sure members are satisfied. So if you get to stay here for some time you may be surprised by some hot discounts and access to other materials.

Actresses & Vids

Border Patrol Sex portraits agents patrolling the US border, so the first thing we always have in mind is Mexicans, as their country is directly separated by the border. However, exploring only a single kind of women would make the formula obvious really fast. So, there are some south American and central American girls trying to sneak by. The girls are gorgeous, with curvy silhouettes and slim bodies. A great deal of variety in characteristics can be observed, with some models having tattoos and even red hair. The strongest point in Border Patrol Sex is its production and sincere effort to make the scenes seem real and atmospheric. The girls are apprehended alone or in between a group of suspects. They are properly interrogated, and the actors are sure to demonstrate the authoritarian agent character. All the approaches are tense, with orders and questions made with thrilling realism and pressure. While watching a scene, we observed that the models even stutter, seeming to be really anxious about the questioning, demonstrating apprehension for being so abruptly questioned, in such a rough way. Before the sex, the agents perform body searches while questioning the models, taking piece by piece of their clothes under the excuse of looking for weapons and narcotics. While the “striptease” is occurring, the constant questioning and threats continues, turning this into a teeth cringing erotic approach to the expected fuck. The sex is intense, with well performed oral sex and using different positions that utilizes all the ambient around the actors, the back of the SUV, trees, the ground and all the surrounds of the apprehension. Sometimes the girls even try to run away, sustaining the realism. The production value is really high, with well-made uniforms, great script and a surprisingly interesting acting from both male and female actors. It is not easy to see porn movies of productions trying to put effort in dialogue, but Border Patrol Sex goes even beyond that, creating a convincing atmosphere present in all episodes, turning that characteristics in their unique brand. Most of the illumination is made only by the sun, but not to cut expenses, but to add into the realism of the scenes. When you get a shadow, the actors don’t remain shady, they are well captured by the camera. That’s only possible because the production is using top-notch equipment. There is really a fun and entertaining feeling provided by the episodes, with a chemistry between the agents that would make 80’s TV shows really envious. And the girls needed to be properly commended as well, being really professional in the sex performance, but expressing themselves incredibly in the roleplaying. Even with a limited material, there’s nothing like Border Patrol sex, a really unique production.

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Border Patrol Sex makes not only hot sex scenes; it goes beyond the expected average porn production. With talented girls and male actors, the roleplaying that surround the site’s scenario is completely unique and engaging. The similarity of a border agent patrol is surprising, with realistic questioning and apprehensive atmosphere. The equipment used for the recording is the best in the market, with crystal clear Full HD scenes available to the pickiest and more demanding audience. There’s still much to improve in question of numbers, but members have access to a huge number of bonus scenes of third party studios while the catalog of scenes keep increasing with bi-weekly updates. The effort put in the production is really bold, making the roleplaying even more realistic with uniforms, guns and the proper acting. If you want top quality porn, Border Patrol Sex can provide it to you.

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars

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