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There is a unique thrill in amateur porn that can’t be easily portrayed. The rhythm of the sex can be different, with a roughest approach or a slowly developing, not being essential to classify something as amateur. We can use as example some sex videos that are leaked by exhibitionist couples. They don’t have a high production, often using fixed or hand-held cameras that are managed by the male. This turns the sex even more intimate, making us feel like a part of the scene. However, it is difficult to see producers taking that kind of approach, as they sell their products as amateur but only has unknown girls as the real highlight, nothing more. Even the atmosphere fells artificial, taking all the excitement expected from the amateur genre.

From time to time there is a really stupid statement that “porn can’t be real sex”. Of course that is true, but studios often use that claim as an excuse to produce completely unrealistic experiences, forgetting that there is a big difference between real and realistic. Black Next Door, however, manages to hit the right spots of the amateur genre, exploring this niche with an envious depth that separates it from all the others self-titled “amateur productions”, using all the possible elements to turn their material more believable and, of course, realistic! Before understanding what makes the site material so exclusive and unique, let’s look at its design and features.


With only three years after the launching, Black Next Door layout has since improved considerably. If you have visited the site in the earlier days, about a year ago, you can completely forget what you saw there. The new layout is not an advanced crafted one like big studio’s, big it manages to make a nice presentation of the goods and knows how to compel you to make a membership to best uncover the product.

A nice example of this new attractiveness of the site can be seen in the banner at the top of the homepage. Portraying sequenced images of some of the models in profile pictures, smiling or making seducing faces, the banned puts right below what seems to be a facebook profile photo the real action, with nudes, spread legs filled with cum, girls being banged and sucking dick. And that is the best preview of what you will find here, because Black Next Door knows the value of their product, offering even the slightest access only for member. Don’t be worried with the lack of preview, as the quality of material we will describe will make sure you get fully interested in the membership without needing to take deeper look into the material.

The browsing features are nicely implemented to save your precious time, giving a search option to browse through the content by genre, name and other specifications, providing a sorting option of galleries and scenes that are arranged by popularity, time of upload, and scene name, and if you are really picky you can search for the models as well. Each one of them got a page, with the correspondent scenes and gallery of images which they performed.

With some improvements made in-between the almost three years of life, Black Next Door has different aspects and resolution of videos to provide you, turning the most recent updated scenes and images in more attractive content then the oldest. However, there are some impressive things hidden in the library, don’t be afraid to take a look there. The video files are often mp4 and wmv formats, with the maximum resolution being 640×480. As the scenes portraits different things, the duration will depend on what is being explored, with really brief solo and striptease scenes and longer hardcore videos that goes from foreplay, blowjob, hardcore sex and finally the cumshot with the necessary cumplay as well.

Pictures are offered in three different resolutions that goes from 1024 x 680 to 1600 x 1200, all of them organized in individual galleries. You can either browse each picture individually or get all the gallery in a zip file easily downloadable. Overall, the content quality surpasses the layout’s, something that is often the opposite in the porn industry. With the features uncovered, let’s see the technical aspects and the performances present in Black Next Door productions.

Actresses & Vids

Here is something you wanted to know: are the girls hot? If this is your only doubt, we assure you without doubt that Black Next Door collection of girls is really incredible. They are all natural, beautiful black girls that are innocent only in the looks, making everything possible to cum. The scenes portraits different sex aspects, from solo play with dildos and fingering to the absolute destruction of the girl’s pussy in hardcore action. The male actors are often black, but you will also see some white dudes joining the party in a nice interracial scene as well. The production focus not only amateur girls, mostly unrecognizable, but tries to portrait a more intimate atmosphere, with low lights that maintain the perfect balance in illumination to achieve the amateur feel without hiding the performance.

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What we found in Black Next Door was an improved version of its first try in operating online. With significant but not unbelievable changes in layout, the members page feels more professional and provide the already present fast access with a bit more pleasing ambient The library is already composed of hundreds of materials, turning the wait for updates in something forgettable, as you have lot to explore. The sorting and search engines make sure the scenes and galleries are easily found.

The most important aspect of the site is the product itself. Made with some serious bold decisions, the scenes are one of the most genuine voyeur you can find nowadays, giving an impression that you are seeing a leaked material for an exhibitionist couple. Black Next Door goes amateur all the way, giving a realistic flavor to ebony horny girls, so be sure to check it out.

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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