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The Bimbo Story Club is a website which provides animated illustrations of various sex stories to its adult audience. If you like to enjoy some adult comics having some erotic stories, and for that browse the internet quite often then, this is website which you must have come across. The main theme of the website is interesting stories and breast expansion. However accompanying these two features, there is quite a lot of other things which take place. The website is different in many ways. The stories are quite interesting and if you are a first time visitor, the website will look nice to you. You will be able to check out all the latest updates and also the best comments which are given by its host of members or followers. If you desire to check out the different stories which are available, you will need to click on the comic and stories option. The graphics of the website is great. They are designed so wonderfully that on going through the stories, you will get titillated a touch. Usually the issue with websites dealing with such concepts is that the art is substandard. It just does not appeal to the eyes of the viewers. But in Bimbo Story Club, you will not find such issues. The team behind the art creation has really outdone themselves. There are in fact numerous viewers who have also expressed their happiness regarding the drawings and characters in the website. They have appreciated the talents of these guys and have also said that this is what makes the website so unique. Another thing which might give you pleasure is the comic pages are large and so are the illustrations. They are presented in full color. The combination of vibrant colors assist is really enhancing the images. The resolutions of the images are 1485×880! However, the website does have its flaws. Like for starters there is no way to tell whether the contents which are given are sequential art of an illustrated story till you have downloaded. So in that case the website can do something to make it a bit more obvious. Another annoying thing is that the website gives you an annoying download limit. But what it does give you is some awesome materials. The cost of membership is also amazing. There is nothing outrageous about it and considering the fact that you only have to pay as much as you pay for mainstream digital comics, the option of setting up a membership account should appeal to you. The website is a good option is you like animated porn. Though there are no videos, the design of the website, the interesting contents and the wonderful art work make up for it in many ways.


The Bimbo Story Club provides wonderful collection of animated porn having large pictures as well as illustrations to make way for good viewing. The website is quite easy to handle even for those who are not so much thorough in working with the internet. The menu bars and the category options are properly displayed in orderly fashion. This in turn enables you to check out whichever portion of the website you want to. You can also search for the different categories by tagging the contents such as exhibitionism, male/female sex, giantess/amazon, breast expansion and etc. As you enter the website, you will find that right at the top are present some of the popular stories which are available for your viewing. The prices are also given alongside and if you desire to check anyone out, you can simply click on them and get the details. The user interface of the website is also very good and depending on your previous searches, they will find out the stories or searches which appeal to you! The membership costs are also very cost-effective. All one has to do is visit the sign up option and after being taken to the membership arena, you will have to enter the required information. As the information is given you submit the request and instantly a confirmation will be given. From there onwards, the membership account will be activated. There are four modes which you can tend to while signing up. You can sign up with facebook, with Twitter, with your email address and also with your Google account. The type of plan which you want to choose is also given. Just click on the subscribe option and choose whatever plan appeals to you.

Drawing & Comics

As you visit the website you will find that there are about 25 comics/stories to feast on. Each of them is superb in quality and the illustrations are also large and appealing. The combination of different colors and the drawings of the characters really add to the beauty of these comics and makes it more appealing to the viewers. The comic pages are at 1485×880 resolutions and are easily downloadable in PDF formats. As per the downloading limit, you will only be allowed to download 5 chapters a month, which honestly speaking is a touch disappointing. Also if you have reached your download limit and still desire to download more chapters, you can simply pay for the material; separately, which is again not ideal. The website comprises of no videos and also there are very few bonuses which are up as offers. Regarding the updates, some viewers have also said that it would have been better if the website got updates more frequently. However they have also stated that still whatever contents they have, it is great and proves to be quite enjoyable to go through.

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  • 5 days $4.99
  • 1 month $24.99
  • 3 months $19.99/month
  • 6 months $16.65/month


As a final say, the website Bimbo Story Club is a good option to check out. With high-quality pictures, interesting comics/stories and cost effective subscription, there are quite a few pros of the website. The pictures are easily downloadable in PDF formats and the quality of them is quite good for desktop viewing. So if you are a lover of cartoon porn or adult comics, then come visit the website. You will get good value for your expensed money.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
4 stars
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4 stars

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