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The horniest best friend will share their appetite for sex with you to give you the best entertainment around.

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Best Friends are forever! When you have a best friend you realized that you can share everything; happy times, sad times, and of course, sexy time! From their early years and beyond these girls have learned that true best friends are hard to find, but when you do, the best thing you can do is keep them close to you. Best Friends Forever or how cool girls say it “BFFs” is a website that will teach that good lovely girl always fuck along their BFFS.


BFFs presents itself in a very minimalistic and sophisticated manner, the design throws away unnecessary features in order to take straight away to your enjoyment. The mix of really dark backgrounds and fluorescent colors for the menus fonts makes everything look pretty slick if we say so, all of this accompanied with very high-quality images from the videos you will be enjoying once you purchase your membership makes for a really great introduction to the site. From the get go you will be greeted by a wall of very well organized columns of thumbnails, each one of this linking to one of the amazing videos that BFFs has to offer.

Load times are very quick, so you will not be standing to wait for something to happens; instead, you will be amaze about how easy it is to jump from video to video without even realizing there is a load time before each of them. For your own convenience, BFFs has also caught up with modern times. In this day and age having your entertainment ready on the go is a must and BFFs has taken on the challenge by optimizing the website and all the content itself to match the tiny screens of modern devices. You will not see any features missing from the mobile version of the site and you will not see quality dropping from any of the videos and pictures. Everything seems to run at the same amazing speed you will find by using your desktop PC, we are grateful for that. All brand devices are compatible just as all operating system are compatible; Android, iOS, Windows, it does not matter, BFFs is ready for everything.

Actresses & Vids

Regarding the girl catalog available on BFFs, we have to give those guys a pat on the back. The girls are incredible, one hundred percent real amateur girls, from afar very innocent, very fresh with delicious tight buddies and huge tits and asses. Once the cameras are rolling they keep their whole physical attributes but they throw away the innocence and change it for sluttiness of the highest level.  The girls interactions among themselves are great, one moment they a normal pair of friends and the next they are cock hungry sluts sharing one. It is marvelous. You will find that the girls will do almost anything for your enjoyment; Anal, orgies, gangbangs, lesbian scenes you name it, they are ready for it.

All videos come in beautiful Full HD image resolution so that you will not be missing any detail from these amazingly entertaining scenes. The average runtime for each video is around 40 minutes which is very nice; some other videos go way beyond that. You will get a lot for your money. All videos can be downloaded or streamed depending on your choice, downloads are fast and come in different formats for you to choose and streaming is fast and there is not image quality degradation or image tearing at all, it is quite impressive.

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BFFs shows one of the craziest and most beautiful parts of female friendship. The saying goes like this “Friends that fuck together, stay together, forever.” and these take literally and we could not be happier for it. With amazing quality and full of exclusive content, BFFs is one of the best porn sites out there. Join now!

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5 stars
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3 stars
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4 stars

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