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Just recently been cheated on haven’t you? We know how you feel lad, and it is quite infuriating just remembering the experience of getting her caught in the act of cheating on you or even by just knowing that you have been played for a fool after all the good things that you have done for her. It is sad that after all those lovely things that you have done together as a couple and honestly pouring your heart out to her brought you to that depressing state which you are bitterly experiencing right now. What is more saddening, is the fact that over the years our gender has been dubbed as a pack of lying jackasses due to the still growing stereotype of us being cheaters instead. Making it easier for our cheating exes to deliberately fabricate the story and appear to be the one who started everything or worse make you take all the blame and become the bad guy instead. And worse most people fail to see that such misconception is overrated since the number of women who cheat are as many as those men who cheat. If only there is a way for you to turn the back time and dump her before she shatters your heart to smithereens. Based on the current state of our technology it is remotely impossible to do so, and as what our current norm dictates is that the best option that we have right now just embraces this accursed fate of our gender and learn to live with it.

If you are going to ask us here at the office, that sort of notion is full of crap. As men, we are not just going to accept it like an obedient sheep! We must take a stand and break that stereotype and set things straight. Lucky for us, we found a way for us men to get even with our slutty ex-girlfriends through the very porn site that we are going to feature for today’s porn site review. The subject of our adult video site review today is a website dedicated to helping guys who were victims of cheating sluts by encouraging them to submit their amateur porn videos and images showing those bitches get down and dirty while doing what they do best. And do you know want to know the best part of it?

Every video and image that are submitted will be shown to the whole world and the user who submitted it will get a good sum of cash out of it. The name of the adult video site that we are going to review today is BadExGfs. Although they are not part of any known or big porn network online, they still manage to provide amateur yet high member submitted porn videos daily. Earning the status of being a website that has the biggest member submitted girlfriend porn archive online. According to BadExGfs, their site contains a sum of almost fifteen thousand photos and two thousand naughty ex-girlfriend amateur porn videos that are being feasted upon by over ten thousand porn site members. We know you are already convinced and excited to be part of this ingeniously unique niche of a porn site, however, you are not obliged to submit a video before becoming member; actually if you are truly planning to join the porn site their membership procedure is rather simple, Just sign up for the site’s membership and that is it. Once you have joined BadExGfs you will have unlimited access to all their feisty cheating girlfriend actions as well as the freedom to contribute as much amateur porn videos as you can.


What we love about this adult film video site is that from its very landing page it is already filled with all the information that you may need in accessing BadExGfs. It is not even necessary to visit page after page of BadExGfs in order to access their tasty offerings. Just by browsing the landing page itself you will already get all the things that you need. Upon entering the home page or the landing page you will be welcomed by their thematic welcome banner composed of images of smoking chicks of all niches. As you scroll down the page you shall see several thumbnails of their newest videos. Not only that, you will also see a sub-banner showing brief testimonials of some members who got their sweet revenge.

Actresses & Vids

To be honest we love the fact that this porn site has a large collection of girls from different styles and niches that you will ever see online. And what is more impressive is that all of them are natural beauties which make them more desirable. We also love here in the office, that since none of them are porn stars, all their dirty deeds are one hundred percent real and hardcore representation of their sluttiness. BadExGfs do not care what type of girl that is included in every video and picture that are submitted to them, yet each and every amateur porn video and image is well chosen in order to maintain their outstanding reputation.

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  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $59.95


Based on our overall experience and observation of this website we can confidently say that this website is one of the best porn sites that we have ever reviewed here in the office. And if we may have the liberty of suggesting it, if you are planning to join this porn site you must not only invest on its membership fee but also in allotting money for power bars, rolls after rolls of napkins, as well as a one year supply of Vaseline and cans of energy drink. Trust us you will definitely need it. Just by simply day dreaming about your latest video conquest last night is enough to set your mood for some more sexy time.

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
3 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
5 stars
Number of pornstars
5 stars

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