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Very bad girls, creatively tattooed girls, ear and tongue piercing girls, leather pant chicks, and many BDSM acts, plus some of the best hardcore fucking you can ever imagine. These and many more of such are the kinds of stuff BadAssGirlfriends offer. It is the world’s largest site containing user-generated and submitted bad girls’ videos and pix. Not scripted, not directed by a professional, these baddass videos are the best of everything sexy and erotic you want to see. These videos have been carefully selected to include only the best user-submitted movies shot at home, in the office, at the gym, outdoors, and every other place you can conceive. The videos are crazy to the limit; they are the best alternative girlfriends’ porn videos the internet has to offer. Rock chicks are in hot demand all over Europe, Asia, and continental America. Everyone wants to see the next antics of these lovely cuties; most are thinking: “How bad can they get than these?” You want to know, then find out on BadAssGirlfriends. Crazy sex scenes from Snapchat, Facebook, and many other social media accounts, as well as Instant Messaging handles have been creatively compiled to give you raw videos of beautiful bad chicks doing the unthinkable with their sexy bodies. You do not get to see tattoos, piercings, masks, rope tying, and many other alternative sex frenzies anywhere else but here. With cell phone cameras, webcams, and amateur cameras, these girls have filled up more than 8,000GB of storage space on this amazing website. Yes! That is how daring they can be. Loads of pictures and videos of girls masturbating, cuties massaging one another, crazy threesomes, unbelievable gang bang, and a whole lot of BDSM actions on display. Certainly, hardcore porn has never been this thrilling before now. These hot EMO girlfriends and crazy sluts are the center of attraction on BadAssGirlfriends, showing you what they can do with mammoth cocks, how much cum they can swallow, how large a dildo they can fuck, and many other crazy stunts even professionals cannot pull off. These inked and pierced damsels have got what it takes to make any man super-hot with testosterone and adrenaline pumping vigorously. A mirror, a camera, and some internet access are all these inked sluts need to showcase how bad they can be. It’s such a thrilling experience watching fresh cuties with pink pussies and rounded hips display with such amazing talents. How much space do you have; how many videos of BadAssGirlfriends can you download and watch; how many pictures can you scroll through in your lifetime; given the fact that these contents are daily being updated with fresh new kick-ass porn videos and pictures? It’s a website that boasts of the largest archive of pierced and tattooed girls the world has ever seen. As a member of this wonderful and creative site, you get instant access to over 8,000GB of pure, fresh, porn content exclusively submitted by users in their various locations. That means more fun to watch, absolutely no boredom, and the offer of a great experience you would remember for the rest of your life. It’s a promise many subscribers have come to enjoy over time.


What use would great videos, crazy tattooed and pierced hotties, and super hardcore sex videos do without the proper channel to connect both the users and the providers? Hence the creation of BadAssGirlfriends. This website is a hub for the army of sex-thirsty, randy, horny men and dudes out there looking for gorgeous, crazy, and inked sluts roving the internet. With a high level of creativity, huge passion, and sheer hard work, both sides of the divide now have a meeting point – BadAssGirlfriends. The site features the most beautiful and most daring of hot chicks around; it gives the viewer access into their lives and their amazing sex stunts caught on camera. With a BadAssGirlfriends password, you get to see tons of user-created porn materials exclusive to this site and nowhere else: full HD videos and high resolution pictures captured spontaneously. It is this spontaneity that separates these ladies from professionals. No need for ‘retakes,’ no need to follow a script; all videos and pictures on BadAssGirlfriends are recorded without restrictions, giving you the best they can offer at all times. This is the home of the biggest collection of bad girls, no competition. The site has been designed to allow bad girls submit their personally generated porn content, as well as allowing users watch and download videos at their convenience; it allows users to follow particular girls or videos right from the landing page into the real full length movie at the click of a button. And with 24/7 customer support, you can never have any problem that defies solution.

Actresses & Vids

Redheads, blondes, and brunettes; doggy style, pussy fucking and ass hole drilling; bathroom sex, gym and massage, bedroom madness; and many more, are all featured. No matter the type of sex show you want to see, no matter the type of fucking position you desire to watch, they are all featured here. If you want full length movies or just short snippets to whet your appetites, you sure got them there too. Fat ass, cute bodies, huge boobs, and a lot of inked bodies showcasing various animation and superhero characters, weird but creative piercing in the tongue, pussy, clitoris, and many other unbelievable places; as well as some real hardcore fucking in their tight assholes are all up for show. Whatever your fantasy, you have more than enough to satisfy you; again and again.

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BadAssGirlfriends has, once and for all, conclusively proven that it is the best website for all the sexy porn angels to find solace. No restrictions, no questions asked; so far it’s a tattooed video, so far it’s a girl with pierced body, they are all welcome. Indeed, it’s the perfect hub for those who seek something weird and extraordinary and those who have some crazy sex shows to display. They all meet on this world-class website that has been designed to accommodate all and sundry – whether it’s on PC, mobile, or tablet!

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
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4 stars
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5 stars
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4 stars

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