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Bonjour my dear lads, can’t get enough of the francophilia fever, aren’t you? Well, I can’t blame you, it really does feel good to have a taste of the sort of happy and elegant way of living that French people have every once in a while. Especially the way they value love and passion, so much so that they actually would understand if you would kill somebody for love and see it as a crime of passion, which is, by the way, pretty legitimate for them. That’s just how important love is for them. There’s actually a story there somewhere about French love, but alas, that is for another day.

What truly sets the French culture and people apart though is the very same passion that they have for love, and in turn, for sex. This is the reason why I will always enjoy visiting (and of course, writing short reviews for) French porn sites because they are so hot they can make you say ooh la la every single time. Today is a special day. I know that based on my introduction, you already have an idea of what type this porn site is going to be. Yep, it’s a French porn site. There is no need to go to France to experience their passionate love because you can witness it in the comforts of your own home through this porn site.

Not only that, this porn site is not your regular site. It is an anal site so you will be able to enjoy the sexy anal action. – and who doesn’t want that? A French porn site with a lot of juicy butts. I know that you are already excited to learn more about this porn site so I would not drag this intro any further. The porn site’s name is AnalFrench, which according to the porn site’s tagline is the place where you will get to enjoy more than a French kiss.

It is actually a part of a big porn network. Unfortunately, though, the name of the porn network was not really indicated anywhere on the site. We only know that this porn network is made up of more than eighty porn sites in all tackling different niches and genres. The network is ridiculously big, right? Apparently, it contains more than twenty-seven thousand videos for their members to enjoy, and this collection is even getting bigger by the day because of their regular daily updates!

But wait, that’s not even the best part. You will be able to access all of these once you have signed up for AnalFrench at no extra cost! Wow. I don’t know about you, but that is a really good deal. If you think so too, then all you need to do is to access the sign-up page and register. Don’t worry, it will only ask of you to enter your email and you may already choose a plan afterward. The three plans are a thirty days membership, ninety days, and a hundred and eighty days.


The porn site’s design is pretty fun. You can really feel the French vibe going on especially with the theme colors red and blue. There are also little design elements that add to the ambiance of the site like a mini Eiffel tower on the logo along with other details. The banner is pretty simple, unlike those that you see on other porn sites with really flashy welcome headers. This one only contains a finite collage of photos, the porn site’s logo, and a short description of the porn site.

Under the banner, you will already find the site navigation and under that, the thumbnails that represent the videos. The thumbnails are divided into different groups. This is a good sign that the site has a big collection and is frequently updated. The collection of thumbnails is recent updates and members favorites. The thumbnails are pretty simple, though. In fact, with the member’s favorites, there is no information listed at all, and as for the recent updates, only the date of upload is given.

Scrolling down you will see another group of thumbnails. This time, they represent the different porn sites that are included with the package. I doubt that all of the eighty sites are listed here though so you better check on the complete site list instead. It’s good to know the different sites that you have access to so that you can maximize the worth of your membership.

Actresses & Vids

I don’t have to tell you that the girls here are French, or that they have big butts, right? It is already a given from the title of the site itself. Hence, let us talk about the videos instead. The quality of all their videos is high-definition, so you can expect really clear scenes every single time. They are all professionally produced as well, so the scenes are really dramatic and intense.

It really is one of the most interesting porn sites I’ve ever come across. Finally, I just love the anal scenes of this channel. It never grows old for me. It’s exciting at every video (especially the ones that feature interracial themes). It’s also different every time. You would think that after a while, they would eventually run out of ideas, but they surprisingly don’t!

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Overall, I really had fun exploring this porn site. It’s perfect for all the French lovers out there. Plus, the extra eighty porn sites included in the membership is not too shabby as well. Some of the most interesting sites that I’ve seen on the listing are LookIAmHairy (for those who love to see unshaven and hairy pussies), FetishTransformation (perfect if you have a fondness for really weird fetishes), and finally CrazyPeeGirls (for people who are into peeing and squirting), just to name a few. There are a whole lot more where that came from and they all deal with different porn genres. I certainly suggest this porn site (and network) to all you porn fans out there. It is honestly one of the best deals that you can ever get online given the massive collection that you will gain access to. Enjoy!

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Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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