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The ActiveDuty is a gay porn site, where you can enjoy watching heavy hardcore scenes of hot guys who are uniform-wearers in real life. There are soldiers, sailors, and other officials in these videos, and they are living out their gay fantasies during these scenes. Though there are some newcomers in the videos, most of the guys are hot professionals, and they certainly seem to enjoy fucking other guys. You can find here the videos trademarked by the name of Dink Flamingo, who is one of the big names in the online gay-porn industry.

These scenes are semi-exclusive, and if you like them, you can order the full-version DVD from the store. The flicks weren’t updated to any other sites yet, so you may consider them exclusive in this matter. Those who like gay sex, may try out this site. As a member, you gain access to scenes from 200+ DVDs, and there are weekly updates, which means that you will be able to find something new each week. This ensures that you stay on the site for more, and since the videos are sexy and nasty, you might do well to do so. Fortunately, there are some extras too, though, on its own account, the site would stand the trial. As a member, you can get your own show in live cam shows, you can watch videos from other studios in a pay-per-view form. You might also find discounts and feeds from other gay porn sites.


The home page of ActiveDuty is nicely designed, and the layout with the large thumbnails tells a lot about the content in the first minutes. Under the banner, you can find a menu, which grants you access to the site’s content, the DVD store, and the live cams. Having a handsome site isn’t enough, and the guys behind the ActiveDuty know that, so you can also peek into the videos: there are several trailers for you to watch, so you can have some fun before heading in. In the members’ area, the design won’t change, and the layout also remains the same. For navigation, the main menu and the search field are offered, they might help you surf the site a bit easier.

The search engine recognizes the ordinary keyword that they use in such porn videos, so if you know what you are looking for, you can find it easier. Under the Troops menu, you can find the models list, which is another good way to sort the videos. Background info isn’t provided, so apart from this, the models’ database doesn’t have any other use. The newest scenes here are really good, and they are available in 1080p too, while the rest of the collection is mostly in 720p. Since the series has been running for over 15 years, it’s only natural that there are some lower-resolution videos too. The videos are in MP4 for download, and in FLV for in-browser viewing. Video capture galleries are also offered. The ActiveDuty has a neat mobile version too.

Actors & Vids

The ActiveDuty has studio-made porn in its collection, and though the site claims that the guys are amateur, it’s not necessary covering the truth: they are too good-looking and too well-hung to be everyday lads. But, as we dug deeper into the site’s background, some interesting facts come to light: for example, most of the guys are or were actually in the US Army and the US Navy. Apart from the controversies because of this, the collection on its own is really exciting, and the models and their mischievous acts are all worth a try. The videos here feature a mix of amateurs and professionals, which gives the collection a nice, sexy edge.

The lads here are doing a really great job, and it seems that they know how to do good porn. When you explore the site’s content, you will see that these lads are typical alpha males, only they prefer men over women. They are all worked out, and if you have a thing for tattooed men, you will surely enjoy browsing the guys’ list of ActiveDuty. The site seems to feature only Caucasian guys, and as we browse through the collection, no ethnic lads were seen. You will surely notice that the guys might be amateurs or just semi-professionals, the videos are all professionally made. These flicks were shot in a studio-like environment, and all of them are staged. Usually, two major types of videos can be separated: the ones featuring couples and those which offer solo action. Those who did the casting created some very hot couples, and as far as we could see, they are usually all versatile, so they change position quite frequently.

When you open the videos of ActiveDuty, you will find it out very soon that these scenes are not just sexy as hell, but they are also shot in high quality. One of the most important things you should know about these videos is that they are mostly barebacked flicks. They come from hardcore DVDs, and the guys aren’t really using condoms in any of the scenes. If you think that this might upset you, you shouldn’t watch the videos, but bareback sex turns you on, you should dwell deep into the video collection. The solo videos are quite exciting also, and if you enjoy watching videos where handsome lads are slowly jerking off, you will certainly appreciate these scenes.

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Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty is a really nasty porn site. The fact that some of these guys are or were military gives this portal a nasty edge, and if you have a crush on uniform-wearing men, then you will certainly get turned on by simply this fall. The site’s collection is really good, the over 200 DVDs content you can access covers a lot of scenes. Since there are new updates coming regularly, you can always find some new stuff to jerk off to, and if that’s not enough, you might enjoy the extras, like the live cams, the pay-per-view videos, or the third-party feeds.

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Video Quality
4 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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