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1ByDay provides an impressive collection of solo and masturbation videos performed by the sexiest pornstars. Have fun with thousands of contents in high quality.

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They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. We say that 1ByDay keep us awake! As one of the most outstanding porn platforms to win numerous awards, 1ByDay features only the hottest porn stars and provide thousands of videos in top-notch quality. It is evident that other porn sites should take a page from the site’s notebook of entertainment.

As an adult portal that has been in existence for over 10 years, 1ByDay has proven that consistency is the key to success in the adult world. The kind of fulfillment that you get from this award winning scenes is truly impeccable and gives you the motivation to seek fulfillment no matter how you have to do it. As such, you would not need to look any further for great adult pleasure. It truly is here!

Launched in January 2000, 1ByDay started like any other adult platform that gives us endless promises of pleasure. As other similar sites may have disappointed us, we have learned to take promise with a grain of salt but yet, we were delightfully surprised to find 1ByDay to be the kind of portal that we all want to be a part of. From the site’s name you can tell that you will be enjoying a new porn star and her shenanigans on a daily basis. Fortunately enough, this is exactly the case.

Comprising of over 4,500+ scenes and 4,700+ galleries, 1ByDay has more than enough action to keep you entertained. You will have multiple reasons to log into this platform and find enjoyment. As an all-exclusive adult platform, this porn site may be the only one to have thousands of pornstars gathering under its umbrella. Ranked as one of the best porn sites on the internet, you will not have any cause to complain. 1ByDay goes out of its way to ensure that you will always have a blast every time, you walk into this pleasure haven. If you have been looking for your next porn conquest, this is it!


The members’ page is as welcoming as it could get. The site underwent a refurbishment in June 2011 and ever since 1ByDay has become the kind of adult platform that is worthy of your attention. Navigation is not muddy or difficult, it is most especially a breeze because you can get from one section of the site to another effortlessly. As on any other platform, the site is subdivided into sections that make it quite easy to explore.

The model directory is particularly interesting because it showcases all of the porn stars who will make an appearance on all of these scenes. There are those who have recurring roles while others are newly introduced to the platform. Whether old or new, you can count on their ability to make you cum. The list of updates shows you that despite the already existing massive collection, 1ByDay is still in the business of ensuring that you are thoroughly entertained. Searching can be done using a number of specific tag words or category.

Regardless of what you want to enjoy, you will always find it here. There is everything from hardcore, to softcore and all that lies in between. The quality of the content is consistent through and through. Even the pictures are high resolution in nature and do not contain any instances of airbrushing. All of the scenes are of crystal clear HD in nature and can be streamed or downloaded in a number of formats such as MP4 and WMV. The galleries are available for zip downloads.

Actresses & Vids

Speaking of the models, you will not be disappointed by what this roster brings. As you already know, there is a large number of porn stars who are ready to take you by storm. You would literally want to jump through the screen and join them in all that they do to get pleasure. They sure know how to keep things interesting. You will fall in love just by looking at them.

These models already have high standards, if you know what I mean. All of them are lusty Europeans who know exactly what you want in the bedroom and are not afraid to go after what they want. The porn stars have flawless bodies, they taunt you into believing that they are the best kind of meal that you will ever have. They are not afraid of showing their God-given curves because they know the kind of effect that they have on you. It does not matter if they are in the outdoor or indoor because their level of kinkiness is the same. You will not want to be anywhere else but here.

When the porn stars are not able to get down on their men, they do so on dildos. They are expert at self-pleasure and as such will ensure that you get the true worth of your membership. You will not regret signing up on this pleasure portal because all of your entertainment moments here will put to shame the kind of action that you will have been enjoying in the past. Do not look any further for pleasure because you can confidently find all of the excitement that you need on 1ByDay, it is truly all that you need. Do I need to say more?

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1ByDay has always been the kind of site that you can always count on the best adult action. It is decent in quality and in quantity as well. It introduce its users to some of the hottest porn star that the adult world has to offer. It is truly your one stop shop for all manner of good porn. If you are hoping for a place where you can spend some good ol’ time with some raunchy girls then this is it. All you have to do is to sign up and let them take over. They will show you that they are well capable of handling all of your sexual needs.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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